Costa Antigua, Fuerteventura


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Anyone been? Any recommendations on things to do, etc? Are there any water / theme / animal parks close by / easy to get to?

I know it's pretty quiet in Costa Antigua itself, but have read it's just a short walk to the next resort which is more lively. That's exactly what we want - not in the centre of it all constantly, but close enough that we can venture out as and when we like.

My boyfriend and I are looking to book for early September. Neither of us have been before but we've found a really good deal for two weeks all inclusive - and it's with the same hotel chain we stayed with in Tenerife last year and were really impressed with them. The weather also looks to be good at that time of year.

Also, just generally. How much spending money would people reccommend taking? Baring in mind we are there for two weeks. We are all inclusive but may eat out for evening meals quite regularly (that was the only disappointment we had with the hotel last year - the foods served at evening meal weren't really to our taste so we ended up eating out most nights. Breakfast and lunch we ate at the hotel though).

Any advice / tips would be greatly welcomed!
I haven't been to Fuerteventura, but I'm going in just over 4 weeks! So excited! :D We're staying in Corralejo, but are hiring a car to explore the island. We'll be all-inclusive too. I'll post and let you know how it is.
Fab, thanks both! It's payday today so about to pay off some more of our holiday - exciting!! :) x
We had a fantastic time in Fuerteventura at the start of April! We enjoyed it so much, that we've just booked another week in October! :D We stayed in Corralejo but will be staying in Caleta De Fuste when we go back. We hired a car and travelled around the whole island, and I have to say, I'd happily stay anywhere there. It is beautiful!

Whereabouts in Costa Antigua are you staying?

There is a waterpark in Corralejo, ACUA WATER PARK ::: FUERTEVENTURA and a wildlife park further down south of the island Oasis Park Fuerteventura We didn't go to any of them, as we ran out of time lol! We saw the Oasis Park bus at our hotel every morning though, apparently they do free pick ups from all over the island. We'll be going there next time.

We were also all inclusive, and could easily have gone with no money, but we ended up spending just under €400 while we were there, as we went on a 4 hour dune buggy ride one day and a 4 hour tour of the North of the island on a spyder motorbike (a strange 3 wheeler thing) which cost €89 and €120 respectively. The rest of the money was spent on fuel for the hire car (€40) cigarettes and alcohol we'd been asked to bring back for family members, and then some wee gifts and beer and cola for the room for when all-inclusive finished (11pm at our hotel). We didn't eat out at all, as the food was lovely in our hotel with loads of choice.
Thank you - both very helpful and useful posts! We are starting to get really excited now. It's 133days or 19wks today until we go :D

We're just going to make sure we take plenty of "spending money" with us, and we are definitely going to book a day at Oasis Park and also one at Acua Park. Then we will see what other things we fancy doing whilst we're there. The dune buggy sounds like fun!