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What the flip?

I just bought a scales, I know I probably shouldn't have but I'm not too good at deferring gratification.

I initialised it, made sure the battery was in the right was round, all that jazz. According to it, I'm currently 9 stone and 10 pounds. This is after I rechecked the battery and initialised it again, because first time round I was 10 stone and 6 pounds.

I did not expect Lipotrim to work this quickly!!! :D:confused::D
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wow that was quick work... there are loads of factors for this, putting in a different location, -uneven floor, diferent time of day, just had a glass of water, loads and loads, I can't keep off mine which I know is unhealthy but I even put it in the cupboard, and took it back out to weigh and put it back lol.. try and keep off it but i'm the last one to help sorry x
Yeah, it's definitely a dodgy scales, my fiance just hopped on it and it said he was exactly the same weight as me, which is apparently 9st 10!!!
Another trip to argos to bring it back so!
well think of the calories you are using going back and forth lol xx
Very true, I may just buy loads of different things and bring them back one by one, shopping as exercise, I love it! :D
i'm going to have to give you lists of things as the weeks go by arn't I lol...your credit card company are so going to be confused lol
I think when I leave it back tomorrow I'll pick up a catalogue, let it fall open, close my eyes and what ever I point to with my eyes closed will be what I get!

I'm going to end up walking home with sofa or something....


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I have my scales on a piece of perspex and keep it in the same position as different places in the bathroom make it weigh more : )
Yeah, we obviously have a bit of a bendy floor, put the scales on a block of wood and my actual weight showed up, have lost a few pounds since thursday anyway, kinda preferred it when it was a few stone :eek:

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