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what the hell am i playing at????

ok i seriously need a great big hard kick up my back side and i mean seriously!!
what the hell am i doing to myself??
i just cant seem to get back on track, i want to be thin but i also want chocolate why? why? why? why? :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
i just dont know why i keep doing this, i do keep saying to myself i will be good, i will be good and stick to SS 100% but by the afternoon i am flaking and really gagging for chocolate, i really have no idea why i keep wanting this bad stuff at all!!
i am running out of time to get slim for my daughters christening i just dont know what i am playing at
i know i can do it ive done it before so why the hell cant i do it now?
the only difference from then to now is i have a 6 month old baby girl to look after!! but she is an easy baby i am so blessed and lucky with how good she is
if i am like this now what am i gonna be like once i start to eat properly?? i dread to think :eek:
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Maybe switching from SS to SS+ where you can have a meal? I think that you might be craving something to eat! Try freezing some tetra's or sunshine orange ice Lolls, stop buying chocolate, cus with nothing there to tempt ya you can't eat it!
Just to say that I'm sure that freezing tetras isn't recommended by Cambridge, something to do with the nurtients I think.

I am very similar to you, in that I have a six month old baby girl, who is a little angel, and I have four other children, one who has left home now as he's 20, but they are good kids and luckily my husband normally cooks for them. Although I do have to make lunch and breakfast for my 3 year old, I just think to myself it's only food and that food is not for me for the moment (or ever, with regard to some of the junk he likes to eat! LOL!)

I've lost 55lb and started 10 April. I have tried starting Exante a few times in the past and was like you and couldn't stick to it, so not sure why I am this time, although it's probably because I felt so ashamed of myself when I was 16st 5lb....I've been a size 10 and I want it back!! I feel more normal now, so that keeps me going, as does the fact that I go back to work in September, and don't want everyone looking at me thinking, gawd, she's a porker still! LOL! I'm doing SS+, which I really love, and look forward to my chicken and mayo every night!

I suggest that you try something like writing down exactly why you want to do the diet, your goals and maybe ways to combat the munchies when the strike. It gets easier and easier as the weeks go on I promise! Seeing it all written down in black and white makes it so much easier to know why you want to do the diet and what you will gain from the hard work.
i went though phase of wanting chocolate all the time. it helped to be on ss+ cause i could use my spare pack as a snack. i know you aren't suppose to cook the packs but when i was really struggling i made muffins i know it was naugthy but it was better than eating chocolate.
theres a few things you could try first when you fancy chocolate quickly tell yourself its not a option you are not having it. or you could imagine it taste horriable don't tell but it doesn't it taste nice tell yourself over and over its horriable. we often imagine things taste nicer than they r.
another issue maybe you are doing this for your daugther christening and as the date gets closer you are starting to worry you won't make your target which makes you slip up cause you feel its unacieveable. maybe try setting a smaller goal and contrate on that no time frame.
Thanks everyone for your advice and good tips I'll give them all a go :)
And I think tinkerbellsmum your right about me thinking it's unachievable but I'm not goin to think like that now
I've told myself going to do this until the christening and then after maybe I produce foods see how I feel once I get there!!
Go on holiday 22nd august for a week luckily in the uk so I can still do my food packs :) gotta be more focused on holiday than ever



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Hi Sugarplumfairy, I could have wrote your first post as I'm doing exactly the same :( I know that doing ss+ wouldn't help in my case as its not a meal I want, its been cups of tea with cakes/biscuits/chocolate/sweets while watching the telly and dvd boxsets. I have decided to start afresh today as I told myself once I got into the 11st bracket I NEVER wanted to see 12st again and after putting on 6lb over the last month and a half I'm 11st 13lb (on my scales, I will be over 12st on my cdc scales!)
Well done losing 62lb and good luck starting again I know we can both do it as we've done it before and can do it again, just got to get rid of these junk food demons first lol.
This might sound obvious but have you tried mixing a choc shake pack with a little water to make a very stiff paste, then spreading onto a sheet of greaseproof paper in the shape of a bar, and then putting it in the freezer for a bit?

It makes a very acceptable choc bar, especially when you are really craving chocolate. What about using mix a mousse to make a yummy dessert treat?

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