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What the hell is wrong with me?!

If you notice my *mood* I'm not a happy bunny...with myself! :mad:

I know this diet works. The diet has been working for me.

Why, oh why am I not sticking to it?!?!?!? :break_diet:

Only I can really answer that, I know. I am the one that's in control and decide what to put in my mouth *in control..pah!*:raincloud:

OK, alot of us have 'blips' now and again, and I've have more than a few now. I seem to get through the first 5/6 days really well, get into ketosis and then eat something!!! :devilangel:

I could kick myself! I have no will power. Yet, I must do because I manage to start off ok but then eat something. But instead of cheating by eating say, an apple, I eat garlic bread...ice-cream...an easter egg!!!! AAAAAAaaaaaaaargh!:banghead:

Everybody is more than welcome to give me a telling off, please do.:hide: I need to sort myself out.

Any words of wisdom? :help2:Does anybody else do this too?

Oh, I'm such a wally.

Day one AGAIN tomorrow.:sigh:

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Have you thought of trying 790 and working your way down to SS??? You will still lose weight, but you may find that being allowed to eat makes a huge difference to the pattern you have created?

Alternatively, just do 790 - weight loss is similar to SS...
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Hey hun, I like you have been in this situation recently.. and have realised that its all about having your head in the right place, cos if it isnt, it wont work! Only you can decide to do this properly, and u need to have that willpower to be able to carry on... like D_Q said, maybe try a slightly higher plan where you can eat, so that way u wont be craving eating... and see how u handle losing weight that way and if u think u can move down another step then do that?

Sorry, its not a straightforward- "this is how u do it!"


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ive been in the same place as you ive started today on 790 to see if that will help as been having trouble staying away from the wrong foods so i thought if i have what im allowed i might stay on track easier


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I could kick myself! I have no will power. Yet, I must do because I manage to start off ok but then eat something
The trouble with willpower is it tends to be only on a short term lease. It'll keep you going for a bit, then can often just fizzle out.

Unfortunately, the obstacles and habits are still there when the willpower has made for the door.

You'll probably notice when it's run away. You'll get that little chatterbox that will give you loads of reasons why you should eat. Watch out for it and work out a strategy now...not until it's too late.

You need to work out how you are going to stop it happening next time. We all have different solutions, but you need to sort out one that suits you.

Finding the right strategy takes time but unfortunately we often quit when the strategy isn’t apparent straight away. Problem comes when we don’t change what didn’t work the first time and then wonder what is up with us, and why on earth are we failing yet again.

So this time, you're going to get further down the line, because you know exactly what you are going to do when that willpower is replaced by that chatterbox ;)

Here endeth the sermon for today :D


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Hi Blue Paws,

I know exactly where you are coming from. I have done this on too many occasions too.
In my head I know I have everything I need from CD, anything else is just a want. My hands and mouth are not cooperating though!!!
Yet another re-start for me tomorrow.


Lovin it !!! :)
Hi there
yes you are certainly not alone, I used to find that it happened to me often. I kinda realised that I was "rewarding" myself for being good !!! erm hello................what that all about ?????????????? lol
There is no being good or being bad as far as eating is concerned. We only need food as fuel like a car. We eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full. Simple.
Yeah right - like that happens. Anyway, I worked on the reverse phsychology with myself - told myself I could eat what I want, when I want and you know what I found I didnt really want it after all and stuck to the program !!! How wierd is that. Maybe my head was in the right place as others have mentioned.

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