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What time do you drink your shakes?


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I have been drinking my first shake sometime between 10am and midday depending on my timetable for that day and then the second one between 3pm and 5pm. It means that I have the last one at about 8-9pm. I start the first one so late because I find the evenings the hardest and am really hungry if I leave to large a gap between the last one and going to bed. Is that wrong? Should I 1) start them earlier and 2) not be drinking them so late? It's not what i'd do with food (but then again I never ate breakfast).

I was wondering when everyone else usually has theirs.
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its totally your choice hun and whatever is easiest and works best for you.
i used to have mine about 10,2 and 7ish but it wasn't religeous.just had one when i felt i needed it. x


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you could always split your shakes.only use half the powder at a time and have 6 smaller shakes instead or just top up with more water.might trick your brain into thinking you are having more x


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I do the same as you klo. I have my morning one at about 9.30 and then lunch about 1.30 and then tea about 7ish just because I know that the evening is the hardest time for me.

I used to split my shakes but I seem to have got into a routine now. I also realise that I should only really ever be having breakfast lunch and dinner and that my snacking in-between was one of my downfalls as I did not always monitor those little extras.

Everyone is different and even with such a restrictive intake I'm amazed at how inventive everyone is.
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Mine happen like this.. 7am shake, 7.10 1 pint of water, 7.20 loo!!!!! 1pm shake, 1.10 1 pint of water, you can guess what happens at 1..20 lol and the same at 7.30 pm.... Just do what suits your life xx
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For me I drink about 1.5 L of water up to midday then have
first shake another 1.5 L of water then upto about 4
then second shake another 1 L of water upto about 8 I also
have about 5 cups of green tea a day!! So I spend much of the
day in the loo :) if I'm nights I put the times back by about
2 hours as I leave the house at half six and I prefer to have had all
my shakes before work it's all down to routine and working
them in around your daily life......:)
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I'm so glad you posted this Klo as I follow a similar pattern to how you have described and wondered if it would have a negative effect on my weight loss. The thing is though evenings were my time to eat eat eat and now... end of week one and I have to remind myself to have the 3 shakes. Keep up the good work x
I have my first shake at 1.30-2pm, second at 6.30-7pm & the third at 10.30-11-30pm. You should have them when you feel like it-mind you sometimes I don't feel like one, and have to think if I've have had all 3 or not!

Clair x


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I have my first shake at 12-3pm, and my second one at 6-8pm, been having flapjacks these past few weeks though, they make things nice n easy for when I'm away from home :]
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I've been on hols this past week so I've been holding off on the first shake as long as it's been possible before the hunger pangs kick in. It's back to work tomorrow so I'll have my first shake around 7-30am and the second sometime in the evening (as late as I can hold off!)

In some ways some may think it's harder for us lads only having two shakes a day but it does have some advantage. One only has to have two 'meals' a day and to me that makes one think about eating less cos I always seem to think about grub at LT time!

xx Cathy xx

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When I'm working I draw the short straw for 11:30 lunch so I have my first one then as I'm never hungry in a morning. I have my second when I get home around 6:30 and the last one around 9:30ish onwards as I feel worse in the evenings too. I've got plenty of work and water to distract me during the day but I think about food most when I'm at home.


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Thanks everyone. Guess you have to find what's right for you don't you? I was just wondering whether having one early kick starts your metabolism (like eating breakfast does) or whether the low amount of calories wouldn't do that.

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