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Extra Easy What Time is Best

A lot of people have done medical and scientific research into this- some people have concluded that it doesn't matter what time of day you eat as ultimately its a matter of calories in vs calories out...
Other say you should avoid eating late as it can cause sleep disturbance.
Personally, I'd do whatever works for you. I am sitting in bed eating scanbran and soft cheese as I type!


Put the kettle on
I dont think the time matters when youre generally eating through the day. What can be bad for you is going all day without eating and then eating a days worth of food in the evening. I dont actually know if this matters to weight loss, but it can cause problems with blood sugars and insulin resistence.

For a lot of people the evening is a time for sitting in front of the telly, which generally in our house leads to crisps, sweets etc. I think not eating in the evening helps people get out of that sort of habit. But if your hungry after dark, eat!! Ots not like you will turn into a gremlin!

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