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what time of day do you have your CD meals

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hi guys,

I was wondering how many hours apart you should have your CD meals and at which time majority have their CD meals. I haven't had my first one yet. Also I have my ketostix now is it ok test anytime of day not like first urine of day liek you do in pregnancy.
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i try not to have one too early, been up since 8 but just had my first shake, one day i'd had two shakes by this time........had to go to bed at 8pm hahahaha.....not repeated that mistake again!!!!
S: 31st3lb C: 14st4lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 16st13lb(54.23%)
I just having my first CD meal as we speak chilli oriential soup one and will have a shack later on then hot chcolate tonight i think
I have mine at 12ish, 3ish and 6ish.
Only test your wee 1st thing in the morning as the water you drink throughout the day can give you a false negative reading.x


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i have never tested my wee,if you are 100% ss you dont need to,you cant not be ketonic.i have a tetra at 12,4,7pm.it works for me but you have to fit it in to your life and what is best for you is what counts,good luck and keep going it is so worth it.
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i do about 2-3 pm, 5-6 pm and then 8-9 pm but only because I found that my days are always so busy that I never think about food but the evenings are hard so I changed the times so that I had 2 packs to look forward to in the evening


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i have one at 10ish, a bit of chicken with some soup about 2, a shake at about 6pm and then a plate of allowance at 8pm.
Im on SS+ and its dropping off me (thought it would be rubbish being on SS+ compared to just SS). I weighed myself today to check progress (I dont look everyday) and ive lost another 3lbs since weds.
This SS+ is my saviour - SAVIOUR... I tell you xx
S: 31st3lb C: 14st4lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 16st13lb(54.23%)
sounds like you doing good. I am doing SS but believe after week 12 i do SS+. Your doing amazing.


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i'm really bad with mine!!! i don't have one until 1:15 most days and then save two chocolate tetras for about 10pm before bedtime!

everyone's different i guess but i sometimes wonder whether i should perhaps space them out a bit more!!!

thanks for the msn add by the way hypa2008! x
S: 31st3lb C: 14st4lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 16st13lb(54.23%)
well having my first later has helped will do that from now on
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I have my 1st one at 8 b4 work ,then 2nd one about 2ish and last one about 7-8 and drink loads of ater inbetween..works good for me
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I have first shake at work around 1ish, bar when I get home aroung 6ish and porridge around 10ish can't sleep if my tummy is growling at me. Works for me.
LOVE your diary - how come you are on tv? which channel?

love that like me you also hate the taste of the soups and most of the shakes. try them hot, i only have hot choc (yes, sometimes 3 times a day!) and i have developed a great skill of closing my nose (without holding it) and drinking so the taste is not too vile.

cannot wait till i get to goal. another stone and half!!! also did some ss+ this week with chicken and veg and loved it. allowed me to eat with the kids during half term.


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My meals

I started off having the first one at breakfast, then the others at lunch and 6pm ish.

I then tried having the first one later...maybe about 12 or 1, but I felt like I was getting bloated and my digestion was slowign down, so went back to having one for breakfast!


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When at work I have: porridge around 7am, lunch shake between 12.3-1.30, dinner shake around 6.30pm and then final shake or bar around 10pm.

If off work, everything stays pretty much the same but I normally get up later so breakfast is a tad later too of course.

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