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What to cook with a marrow?


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A bone!!!
I usually slice it and hollow out a little of the middle, roast it and pop chilli in it ...yummy


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How bizarre - I cooked morrow last night - then just had the leftovers for lunch - it was scrummy.

I halved my marrow and cooked it for 20 mins cut side down in the oven, just to soften it slightly. Then scooped out the seeds and stuffed it with a bolognaise type sauce made using lean mince, onions, mushroom, pepper, a couple of beef oxo cubes, garlic, mixed spice & mixed herb. Then bunged it in the oven at gas mark 5/6 covered with foil for about 40-45 mins (or until the marrow is nicely soft). If i had any Healthy Extras left I would've put some grated cheese on top for the last 5 mins.

Served it with SW chips last night for Extra Easy then todays lunch I had it re-heated with a side salad.

Hope that helps with ideas?



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That sounds yummy Katy. I'd like to try marrow as i've never cooked it before. Stupid question - once cooked, can you eat the outer skin? I presume it's like courgette in that it's ok to eat?


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I too have just come home from our local farm shop with a whopping great marrow. Having never cooked one before, I shall be watching this thread. I like Katy's bolognaise idea.

Miss Shiraz, is that fresh chillies, chilli powder or do you mean chilli con carne? I really am quite clueless about this whole marrow thang!!

How weird is this, because out of the blue a marrow appeared on our kitchen table this weekend... and there is has stayed coz nobody has a clue what to do with it! They are obviously in season, coz they seem to be popping up everywhere! I'll be watch too to see what other people suggest, but I like the chilli and bolognaise ideas too...


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you shouldnt eat the skin !
In the past i have scooped the seeds out and filled it with sausage meat and roasted it.
But nowadays I just peel, scoop and slice it and then steam it, I really love it. the only downside to it ,is you cook it for too long it does go watery -so be careful


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Oooh Slack Alice, why shouldn't you eat the skin?

I always do - especcially when it's been roasted in the oven -it's lush. And where all the goodness is. As far as I'm aware all members of the squash family have edible skin.



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A marrow is what happens when you grow courgettes and forget them for a weekend!

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