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What to do about toilet problems


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I'm new to CD but in other situations Fibogel has always worked for me. Alternatively don't CD do a fibre supplement?

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Psyllium husks are a preventative - not a cure, so you need to, ummm 'clear the backlog' first, so to speak :eek:

I found Dulcolax perles worked great ... a word of warning though - read the pack carefully before you take them. In my haste to get relief (I was utterly clogged and desperate) I only skimmed over the instructions and had FOUR of the tiny perles. OMG I almost turned inside out! :eek:

I discovered later (when I bothered to read the packet properly) that four is the dosage for people about to have surgery!

Once cleared, try taking a bulking agent to prevent it from happening again - that's psyllium husks or Fibre 89. Good luck :)


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Hi, i suffer from this too.. i take senacot, works for me and does'nt cause problems with cd.


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Thanks guys that's great, I thought I was going to turn myself inside out this morning!!!



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I wholeheartedly recommend colonic irrigation. I was in extreme pain and when I went the woman said "Ah! Lighter Life-itis!" She has lots of LLers seeing her on a weekly or fortnightly basis for a "clearout"


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Not for the faint hearted!!

One of my friends who has a young son who suffers terribly with his digestion generally has said that when everything else fails a hot bath can often help to calm cramps and encourage movemement - also if after your bath there is still no joy (or rather relief!) get back in the bath and try to go in the water. Sorry if this grosses anyone out but it really can help, and with this kind of problem there is very little mess to clean up and you will probably feel so liberated you won't care!!

I had a rather nasty experience following my first aam week- I really did feel like I was going to die - as you can see I did survive and have made sure I take psyllium husks twice a day now and have had no further problems.


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I did the same as Russiandoll,

I had a problem during week one so had to take ducolax but thankfully I did read the dosage, one was ENOUGH:eek: I feel sorry for you Russiandoll as the cramps that I got when I took one was bad enough. I actually went 'NATURALLY' so to speak about 5 mins after taking ducolax so I knew I was in for trouble later that day when the tablet kicked in...:p

I now take psyliam husks twice a day and touch wood, I'm doing ok.

good luck x
I've had terrible constipation on SS - tried psylium husks but they just seemed to make my tum rumble alot!

However, it did lift during my AAM week when I was fairly regular.

First night on 790 I was completely the opposite - had no problem with being constipated - think it was the shock of food for my body!

Hoping the 790 will help me out with the constipation as its definitely been a problem for me.

Hope you are able to get it sorted sweetie.

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Here's where I get mine. Reputable company and super-fast delivery :)

Psyllium Husks Digestive Fibre - 300g tub

You can also get them from some health food shops. Holland & Barrett tend to be a bit pricy.

Remember to ONLY get PURE psyllium husks - not one with digestive aids added (pro / pre biotics).

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