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What to do on a date whilst on Sole Source - help?

Hi everyone, happy cambridging :)

I need some advise please. I'm a single parent of 3 young children (3,8,10) and am going on my 1st real date in years.

The trouble is he has asked me what I would like to do and being on SS rathers leaves me clueless as to what options that leaves me.

I have never met this man, we have been contacting each other up to yet by email, MSN Messenger & Text.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp, plz

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i would tell him what diet your doing, and say you not sure what to do as food is out etc..

perhaps suggest bowling?

i met my andy online too 4 years ago, i just invited him to mine and we clicked right there and then..

you will both be nervous at first prob find it hard with eye contact, so do something that is distracting lol ..

best of luck with it :)
I'd suggest something like cinema/theatre/bowling/sporting fixture or something like that which doesn't have usual connections with food or drink. If he doesn't go for this and suggests pub you could still go and not drink, say you are off it for a while for a bet or something.
I'd tell him you can't eat meat, but you can lick it.

He wouldn't care about a Restaurant then.

MARK!!!! :eek::eek::whoopass::whoopass:

A pub where you can sit and talk is good for a first date - drink water or coffee. Cinema is better once you know someone better and don't need to talk.

Or maybe even a walk somewhere nice - just taking a bottle of water with you??

Have a nice time - and details please!!!!!!!!!
MarkyBoyAceI'd tell him you can't eat meat, but you can lick it.

He wouldn't care about a Restaurant then.

well there a sure way of distracting him!!!!

no seriously why dont u just tell him? and meet for a drink but stick to water? x
when i met andy i invited him down, in for a cup of tea, no eye contact we were both so nervous then we were talking about our staffys how they would get on, so we took the dogs down the beech, i let mine off and she was gone.. he ran and got her for me lol.. then we sat in the gardens and he scratched his name in the tree and the bench!!

then back to mine for spot of something to eat and we hit it off had such a laugh..

then last year we went for a walk with the baby down to the gardens (name was still there) then he put a heart and my name next to his :)

we been together for 4 years now, best thing i ever did was invite him down...

good luck with what ever you do!! must let us know :)
I think you girls have got the wrong end of the stick here.......

I'm an innocent young man, no double entendres from me.....

Why don't you show him sword swallowing? apparently it's a very popular hobby at the moment.
Hi again :)

Im so pleased at all your responses & thank you Mark for giving me a giggle or two.

I told the guy during a conversation on MSN that I was doing SS, I think thats why he asked me what I wanted to do on this BIG date.

I'm terrified!

I have suggested bowling as an option to him (thanks to those who suggested it) and he's up for that. Last time I went bowling I didn't know how to work the machine where you set it all up with names, scores etc...

And what on earth do I talk about. I havent got the most interesting life as a single parent of 3. What if conversation dries up. Im panicking already.

Any further advise would be brilliant plzzzzzzzzz

Be yourself!

I met my now fiance on-line ... and we spent the day wandering around Chester, going for a meal (me chicken salad!) and just talking.

It can be quite scary ... but he's asked to meet you - so be you! If it doesn't work romance wise you might end up with a good friend .. but if the sparks are there ... WOW!

On a note of caution .. make sure you have as much info about him as possible - full name, home and mobile numbers, car registration - and pass them onto a friend. Ring that frond when you arrive and half way through the date to reassure her everything is ok .. and have a code phrase that lets her know you are not happy .... something like "I'm worried about Peter will you go check on him please??" That will alert her there is a problem.

Also meet somewhere you are happy with and know ... oh and have fun!!!!
I'm on SS and went on a date last week, we met at a nice country pub, and i just stuck to the fizzy water. My date didn't mention it, it's not such a big deal. Good luck, enjoy your date!

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