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What to do when you have had an awkward day.

I have been into uni today and was only supposed to be in for an hour. I didn't take any snacks with me. Anyway they wanted us for 3 hours and at coffee time I was hungry and felt shaky. The coffee shop was open so I had the healthiest thing I could find, a slice of Banana and Walnut loaf, made with multi grain. Now I am home and back where I can monitor what I am eating. But I feel like the day is a failure now.
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I wouldn't worry about it! The loaf can't have been that many syns, so just try to keep the rest of your syns to a minimum and have free foods for dinner and snacks? The day will only be a failure if you keep on eating off plan, just get right back on track again!


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Hi Hun, oh i have been in this situation before, was talking to my friend the other night about it, as uni is where i struggle. Ok. today is NOT a failure! I doubt that one slice would be more than 15 syns. More like 5 i would imgaine, but that is purely a guess. Stick to plan today, and have a look through recipe threads and see if you can find anything similar to give you an idea of the syn count. Maybe just allow yourself another 5 syns today or something but definitely dont write today off xx
Thanks guys, I figured I would just stick to the plan and hope! I think it is when you have one hiccup and then go mad for the rest of the day that things get you. I also find pack ups a problem. Like on the days I need to be at uni or on placement (I am a student nurse), it is the things like pack ups that trip me up!


Not evil at all
Yeah definitely, I know myself if I have one bad thing it can turn into a bad week! The best thing to do is write it off and start fresh straight away, especially in a situation where you had no choice but to eat anything you could get your hands on. You should carry some SW food around with you for times like these, whether it's an apple in your handbag or an Alpen bar - something simple and low in syns, or free, just to get you through it until you get home and can get back on plan. I used to keep Mugshots and things in my drawer at work just in case! Sometimes life does just get in the way so it's good to be prepared :)

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