What to do with a CD bar - polite suggestions only :)


Loves VLCD's !
How exciting, my first CD order has arrived ready for my change over from LL ! :D

The bars look SO yummy compared to the LL playdough bars (Can't believe they are made by the same company !:eek: )

They look so nice are they better not mucked about with ? Or can you microwave them in the same way that I did with LL bars ? They look bigger so does anyone know how long to nuke them for ?

I have ordered one of every flavour. Maybe it varies bar by bar whether they microwave up nicely ?

All suggestions welcomed !
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umm...i personally wouldnt nuke them but i guess its all trial and error if u wanna try it!

the peanut one is heaven!!!


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I love to make little biscuits out of some of the bars (not cranberry or peanut bars)

The toffee or chocolate are best IMO.

Best to pop them in the fridge for a while first so they're really cold. I then cut them into 12 pieces and microwave 3 pieces at a time for between 30 and 40 seconds (depending on which bar and the power of your micro- I find choc takes longer usually as it seems more dense). Then remove them from the micro and put them upside down on a cold plate to cool and harden up. They are lovely with a cuppa :)