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What to do with lots of activity points *confused*

Hey all,

So I'm kinda confused. (I know, not really a new thing but shh :p)

I've recently restarted WW and this time I'm being super active so I will keep it off when at goal (eventually!!)

Thing is, what should I do with all the AP's I'm getting?

At the moment I'm swimming an hour a day (5pts) and gymming an hour a day (3)

So every day I earn 8 APs... That's 56 a week?! Surely I can't eat all them?

Will NOT eating them actually have the reverse effect and slow down weight loss?

I'm so confused lol

ANy help is amazingly appreciated!
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Hey i'm hardly a fountain of wisdom or experience, lol but i also build up quite a few activity points throughout the week, and i'm on 18 points a day. I tend generally not to use my APs unless i fancy a little treat like a chocolate bar or something then i use maybe about 21 points that day and dont worry, and at weekends for alcohol would use a few extra points. I haven't found that not using them effects my weight loss personally, but you are only supposed to use so many in a week anyway i think it's 12? Dont quote me though someone more experienced will verify that! xx
I'm already on 28 a day atm, so adding another 8 seems excessive :p

Plus, I rarely NEED extra points, I have enough trouble using the ones I'm allowed to begin with lol
Well i haven't found not using them does you any damage, especially with the amount you earn well done you! You would have to go some to use them up! xx
Last time I did weightwatchers I just sat on my butt all day...
Probably explains why there's a second attempt currently going on :p

So far I've been not eating them but using them as a buffer for food I can't point or if I go out for a meal

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