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What to do....

When you are too ill to eat??

I understand the concept of SW, the eat regularly to maintain your metabolism however i have a sore throat/earache and the thought of eating is making me want to :jelous:

I have two( sloppy) weetabix for my breakfast, an omelette for my lunch and strawberries and a mullerlight afterward.

I have hardly drank it hurts that much and have even tried having a couple of strepsils to deaden it so i can drink/eat to no avail.

How much of an impact will it have on m loss on Monday on WI? If any?

And how many syns are in sore throat tablets?? lol
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hope you feel better soon and don't worry about the wi, getting better is more important. Can you not get the kids to go to a friend's house for a couple of hours while you have a lie down? or stick a DVD on for them and have a lie down on the sofa? :)
Hello fellow Wirral person!! ooh, Monday weigher, which group do you go to?

I was ill last weekend and didnt feel up to eating much, but the most important thing is to try and keep hydrated, and just eat gentle things that dont hurt too much. One weigh in is neither here nor there. Feel better soon!


Now to maintain.....
hope you are feeling better soon......its hard with the kids too!

i was like that a few weeks ago and i just kept drinking and ate what i could manage(all on plan but not enough) and did have a loss.
I was ill last week with a bad ear infection, and really didn't want to eat, I COULD, I just really didn't want to, all I wanted to do was sleep (which I am lucky enough to be able to do because DH is at home to watch the kids). I just made sure i had plenty of fluids, and ate when I could. and I still managed a 3lb loss at WI.

I agree with the others that it's more important to get better than to worry about WI. 2 weeks ago I was on steroid tablets for my asthma and a side effect is weight gain, and my C said she was surprised I'd lost at all, and that it's understandable not to lose as much when you're sick.
Thanks Ladies

Feeling god awful today, i have forced a mullerlight down my throat as if i dont eat i get low blood sugar induced headaches/migraines. And i had an ice pop before which was nice while it lasted.lol

Had a few bits to eat last night, but all naughty stuff as was my daughters birthday, but i set myself a limit and stuck to it. Glad i did if im not going to be eating for the next few days...

Madame, i go to Upton Victory Hall for the 915am weigh in.

Going to stick a muller light in the freezer now :)

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