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What to do?


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I've skipped class tonight as I didn't finish work until 2.5hrs hours later than I should and that is the way my life is at the moment... its so hectic! I really am not putting the effort into this as I should but don't want to quit, by the same token really haven't got the time to dedicate. It hasn't helped that I weighed on my scales at home and according to them have put on! :sigh: Am seriously considering going it alone... please help.... I know some of you do self weighs, how do you find it? I really don't want to weigh and go as I can spend a fiver anywhere doing that, but its the time element.... am rambling now, will stop and try to get my head straight....
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I did self weigh, and lasted all of a few days, I had nothing to aim for. This time, I'm halfway through the second week and even though I only lost 1/2 lb I am still so determined!
I would strongly recommend to keep going to classes. Personally I think it pushes me to keep on. Is there another class in the area maybe on a different day thats better for you?
Good luck
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i weigh in at home as i cant afford to go to group, and i have no problem at all staying motivated! i dont know why, but this time i am so much more determined than i ever have been before and i think as long as you have the motivation then you should have no problem at all weighing yourself at home, get yourself an accurate pair of scales or go to boots/tesco/etc and use their BMI machines :) xx
Im with emma-louise, i weigh at home and i have no trouble at all staying on plan.

i went to one class and got the books i needed and never went back.

i think only you will know which option is best for you. do you reackon you could do it weighing yourself? some people need class to stay motivated i can totally understand that.

dont give up you have done so well thus far, you can do it you just need your mojo back, were here for you rooting away x
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As long as you don't rely on the group for motivation then there's no reason you won't succeed going it alone! :) Just make sure you weigh in at the same time of day each week and you will be fine.

I am sure with the support from the forum you will have no trouble :) You'll also save a fiver a week which you could put towards new clothes or something :D


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ive been doing it alone since i started and ive had a few wobbly weeks but overall a good (but slow) loss. to loose weight you need to be focused and in the right mindset regardless if your doing it alone or at a group.

i know how you feel i work 16 hour days sometimes and its so hard to stay focused when you tired and frustrated! good luck.


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I lost all my weight doing it on my own. I weigh first thing on a saturday morning ( the best time in my opinion) any weekend naughties can be remedied by the following sat.
I am quite a determined motivated person, so just get on with it. If i wanna lose the weight i gotta get on with it. and it worked.


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S: 11st8lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for all the advice ladies, I'm still sticking on plan, and think I will see if I can reschedule my time abit better, it is only short term issues that are holding me back at the moment. I will make a decision next week whether I go back to class or not but will deffo stay on plan in the meantime..
Honey if you don't have time to dedicate to SW or put the effort in, then what difference does it make if you go to class or not apart from saving a fiver?
I always say I take my hat off to anyone who can go it alone. I can't - it's been over 3 years now and I still go every week. I just couldn't do it on my own.
Can you find a class which is more convenient for you? A later group or a weekend group?
If you want this you will do it, it's all about having the head in the right place because if it is, we will find the time for anything.


Just doing it this time
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Im afraid I'm personally against doing it yourself at home. I have rejoined SW classes about 6 times - each time lost a couple of stones and then stopped going because I had weeks where I stayed the same and then gained a pound then lost a pound and at the end of a month found I was the same weight but had cost me about 20 quid (plus magazines and hi fi bars and recipe books etc).

THIS time I have rejoined with a different attitude. I'm not beating myself up when I get a Stay the Same, have done quite well so far, but after 8 weeks starting to struggle now - I'm NOT buying the magazine or receipe books and only one pack of Hi Fi bars per week too - HOWEVER, I am determined not to give up because I know that IF I do and start doing home self weighs I WILL just regain the weigh I have already lost and will end up having to rejoin AGAIN.

Whatever you decide I hope it works for you. Good Luck - you can do it - you know you can.


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S: 11st8lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all for your advice & support. Here's my update. I am giving myself a few days off, i.e. no pressure and no diary. The root of my anxiety is my mums health problems which I've mentioned to some of you seperately. Anyway, added into this mix is the fact that I work full time and have recently been promoted into a very demanding post with very tight deadlines, I'm doing a full time degree and, in hindsight, its all got abit too much for me and I'm putting lots of pressure on myself. Thinking honestly trying to ensure I get to Thurs. class is another pressure (when it used to be a joy) so i have decided to - da, da, daaaaa... go it alone :eek:. I'm setting myself an interim target of getting into the 10s before the end of October. I will weigh on a Friday night, when work is done, this will allow me to plan the following week over the weekend rather than rushing mid week and not managing it :D. I will update my diary every other day and will not be stressed if I don't do it as I will have noted what I've eaten rather than relying on memory. (another pressure I started to put on myself). What do you think?

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