What to do??


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heya guys.. am back again.. :break_diet:

well as the title says i dont know what to do.. have been on LT 3 times in total i think over the years last time being aug-oct '10 and dont want to go back to the same chemist as i have not lasted longer than 5 weeks on the diet a bit ashamed i suppose :eek:

anyways i went to another town not far from me who use to do LT, i inquired about it and they said they dont stock it anymore but do a similar diet called target slim same 3 shakes only difference being you have variety of flavors.. so of course i got weighed purchased my weeks supply and plenty of fiber .. my problem is.. that was nearly 2 weeks ago.. i just cant seem to find the motivation to start it.. i dont know what to do i really dont.. im thinkning of rejoining the gym .. and advice would be great.. :wave_cry:
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Nobody here can tell you what to do hun, ultimately the choice is yours. Either stick to the diet or stay fat. If you had of stayed on LT you would probably be nearly at goal now........that would motivate me. Maybe your not in the right frame of mind to start again, everyone has their trigger point when they make the decision to do this diet. It isnt easy but the results are so worth it. If you do decide to start again you know you will get plenty of support here. Best of luck hun xxx


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hey hun...the thing is with this diet is your either in the right headspace or youre not.. I kept trying to start it back in august etc but never felt like i was ready. Then one day i woke up and suddenly it was the day. I know that sounds weird but for me i just knew it was either then or never..live or die situation and then i was started!

It depends alot on the person and only you can decide what you want to do. like retail chick said,, we cant make this decision for you,, it has to come from you. When YOU decided to do something youll do it,if somebody tells you to do something youll do it but will be more inclined to give in as you willnot be doing it for yourself.

Why not get try some things for motivation. Like writing out mini goals... or rewards you can get if you lose a certain amount of weight. Make a cross off chart of the days till you can stop. Have an event like a holiday or something to keep you motivated. If you are like some of us here, and you are so fed up of the way you look, and youre so fed up of trying and failing at all diets, then you have nothing to lose.

the results on this diet are the best around, but it does not suit everybody. You either do it or you dont. either 100 percent or you do something else. It is a life changing event and it will most likely take over your life for a few months but then you are at goal!!

best of luck with whatever you decide. this website is the best around if you want to have a look at other diets to see if they would be suited to you! also there is a section called strugglers and restarters and bring your head inside and your body will follow. You might be able to get some motivations etc from there!!

good luck making a decision!! :D x


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I can only agree with the others...one day you wake up, totally fed up of hating your own body, nothing to wear, can't go shopping unless it's for hideous outsize frumpy old lady clothes, perhaps (like me) you can barely keep the physical side of your relationship going cos you cringe every time your partner touches you.......:eek: you just know that you can't carry on a day longer and suddenly it's the right time. Clearly you aren't there yet and whilst we can advise only you can decide!

You have nothing to lose, only the hideous, debilitating fat that is ruining your life and your health, it's your choice - make it!

Good luck


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thanks for the replies guys.. im well aware that your either are in the right mindset or not to do this diet as ive been on it before and have seen great results..

i just cant find the motivation to start it, i know once i start i can be a very determined person, like retailchick said if i had stuck to it i would nearly be at goal and this is what has been playing on my mind lately as the reason i had come off it was i was at lourdes end of sept beginning of oct and started a job as a carer and struggled to remain 100% after returning from france.. i was advised to stay of it for the 3 months as my new job is physically demanding and to not lack energy untill my body adjusted to the extra physical side.. the thing is i really want to get back on the diet i know after a few days i will be grand i guess i was just feeling low last night, this sounds so stupid but the thought of give up chocolate or coke is what is putting me off it YET thats the very reason i want to go back on if i continue eating and drinking them il be twice the size i am now and that scares me i guess il just have to wait till i have two days of and just start and thats it by the time im back in work my body should be nearly in ketosis sorry for wafflin guys i was just having a deflated moment last night


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If you're not motivated it's not the right time for you and I'd just put it away until you are. If you are not motivated you won't stick to it. You have to have a fire in your belly to do this diet and when you do, you'll know.


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Hi Hazel
You sound to me like you are thinking up excuses NOT to do the diet! You know from before that you feel physically wrecked for the first three days, while the dreaded carbs are flushing out of the system. But after that you get the most incredible rush of energy, energy enough to do any job, especially a physically demanding one. My own job is quite demanding with long drives down the country and 12 hour work shifts and that's aside from looking after a family of five and I was on LT 100% for 3 months, took a break over Christmas & New Year, and though it's taken me a few misstarts, I got back on track last week. I can't believe the amount of energy I have since I returned to it. Carbs make me tired and lethargic. I feel so good & healthy on LT. Never tired, but once my head hits the pillow I'm out cold LOL!! If you really REALLY want it bad enough, you should remember how good you felt before after the first week. Think of how fantastic you'll look at the end of it. It's only a few months - a drop in the ocean timewise. And the things that tempt me, like my favourite fish & chips - it's not as if I'll never eat them again! I'm only putting it off till I reach goal i.e. in a few months (hopefully!).
Best of luck