What to do??


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Hi there,

I'm usually over I the SW pages and to be honest I really want to lose weight but am sick of recipies, syns ect so I thought if look here to see if the just healthy eating and sensible choices really work. I don't eat bread apart from granary roll, have skimmed milk and generally eat healthy food such as pasta, lean meat and veg. Also to add I've just had a hip operation and finding the motivation to think about meal planning difficult especially as I can't stand/walk at the mo.

So I guess what I'm after is success stories really. Do you have good weight losses and what's the best way to tackle my healthy eating change?

I'd appreciate your replies :)
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If I have any advice for you it is this...use the one rule of slimming world where you have 1/3 of every plate super free (fruit or veg) I find this really helps with weight loss! Eg. I uses to have noodles for lunch (yummy!) but found I was hungry a few hours later (they only the small Tesco value ones!) so I now add 1/3 veg to them with curry powder and I feel like I'm having a proper meal and it fills me up for so much longer!!


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find food you like and then find alternatives
before i lost weight i loooved mayonaise and didnt really wanna give it up so now i have lighter than light mayo so i still get what i want but its a better alternative
and i always loved veg so i just have loads of veg with lunch and dinner so i can fill up on that
and fruit for snacks alays have fruit near me incase i want something sweet


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yep i agree thats wot me and the hubby do now we going fopr the low calorie option and fill up with fruit and veg