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What to do...

I'm on AAM permently :( my scales haven't shifted all week and I've followed it as I should have done.

Today for lunch everyone wants to go to TGI Fridays. I'm tempted to eat something now can anyone recommend me something realitivly healthy? Am I being silly by even thinking about eating out of the AAM menu?

I'm in the minds that since I only have 19lbs to go I could give up and do SW as I could eat at least things I like and still lose weight.

Someone rule my life lol I've no idea what I should do now.

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You know what you 'should' do so it's a matter of whether you do it or do what you 'want' to do. It's a choice plain and simple.

You're right - you only have a short way to go to your target and this is where it gets really, really difficult. When I was 28lb away from mine, the desperation and urgency was less and I started having the same conversations with myself that you are having right now. "Shall I go to a mainstream diet? Shall I just watch what I eat?" Yadda yadda. I never reached goal (and there's something very symbolic psychologically about hitting that target) and here I am a year later and 4st heavier. Does that help you make a decision?

I've never been to TGIs so maybe someone can advise you as to what's healthy - do they do plain chicken and a bit of green salad?

As for not losing weight on AAM ... it'll still even out even if you lose nothing this week and more next.
If it's getting VERY tough then what about 790? But whichever way you go, do not ... I repeat DO NOT get distracted by the fact you're close to goal. If you're still not where you want to be, 'Close' isn't 'there'.


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It sounds like you have done fantastic so far, so don't be tempted now, I am not sure what you can have on aam, but if you prepare yourself before you go, you are less likely to order something you shouldn't have, fore armed is fore warned! Good luck xxx
Don't go!! Once you are there it will be SOOO hard to have something you are "allowed" and any pleasure you get in your lunch will be outweighed by feeling a bit cross with yourself afterwards (In my humble experience!)
You are SO close.... if I was you i'd take RD's advice - head down and eyes on the prize, remember!
Thanks all you're all right I knwo I shouldnt give in now. Im gutted that I don't feel liek I;ve lost anything and my scales aren't shwoing a loss either.I think I'll wait until WI on Sunday see how much (if any) I've lost. If i haven't got a good result it's back to SS for me. It's the only way I see right now.

Thanks all I won't go I'll stay behind and chat with you guys:)
haha thanks Dancing x

Well I havent booked it I'm waiting for my husband to look with me he said now a week ago he would....grr lol Wow you're moving to NZ thats lovely what made you decide to do that?
I 'did' NZ back in 2004 ... toured around in a huge camper for 6 weeks. What a life experience!!

This year, we're off to Scotland for a week in August as I'm a skint student and it's all we can afford. I'm really looking forward to it actually - we're going to the Highland Games at Dunoon and will take the kids to see Loch Ness :p

I was born in Scotland so I love it there.
wow sounds fantastic dancing I wish you all the best. x

They went about 30 mins ago and I'm going to do some work to keep my mind off food lol

Thanks all x

Deb G

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I'm within 4lbs of my goal and am going on holiday for a week. Some would be tempted to eat, but at the end of the day, I set out to reach my target, and that is what I will do. Food will still be there in a week or fortnight's time.......its not going anywhere.

Your eating is a response to what the scales said. If you'd lost 3 lb would you still be wanting to eat? I try to see food as nutrition now - and the only reason to use nutrition is when I am hungry. If you're not hungry (ie just fed up) then why try to solve being fed up with nutrition? Doesn't make much sense when you put it like that!
How you doing Fuffa?

I think we should award you with the Minimin's medal of honour for being so good!!

Aww thanks russiandoll :D

Yeah I'm not too bad now thanks. It's Friday and time I sorted my head out and remembered why Im on this diet lol

I will lose this 19lbs and I will do it befiore April (I hope)

How you today? x
I'm fine thanks. About to walk the dog then go for my weigh in at 5pm. Hopefully I'll see the back of the 17s today ... fingers crossed!! :)

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