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What to eat after severe food poisoning?

basically I've had horrific nasty food poisoning (think passing out, temporary loss of vision, hearing and ability to walk kind of awful) feel much better now though. So last night I attempted a cd bar and felt awful, made me really dizzy and nauseous, must have been the sweeteners? So I was advised to stay off plan for a couple of days till I get better and can stomach cd again, but what the hell do I eat till then? Sorry if its tmi but I still have diorreah (food poisoning was friday). Please help me, I feel hungry but don't want to eat!
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When I had food poisoning in summer. No where need as bad as yours you poor poppet :-( I has dry toast and plain rice with baked turkey. As bland and plain as possible. And absalutely no dairy. Hope you feel better soon * hugs * x

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Thanks for replying lovely, I'm just worried about thr carbs :( stupid I know but I've only got 2 weeks of cd products left, need to work up steps and don't want to pile carbs innow! Anyway I just had a rice cake so I could take my meds, should I try a shake at lunch? Obvs if it makes me feel ill ill leave it. Oh boo I could do without this :( or maybe I should save my shakes? Grrrrr I just don't know whaaaaaaat to do for the best x
Hello Vi,

I would go with some well cooked boiled eggs, they say apple sauce and rice, but both being carb-a-liscious I doubt you would want them :)
Just cos of how serious your poisoning was I'd probably save the shakes. You need to be well. Maybe some steamed veg or fruit to get some sugars is you. It's so difficult though so know what you mean about carbs. My mum had gastroenteritis last week and couldn't keep anything down. Doctor suggested porridge made with water also. I think she drank water with honey in too. Obvs im no doctor so take it easy and see how you feel after 1 bite. All my get well wishes are coming your way x

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Eating contaminated foods often causes food poisoning which can be parasitic, bacterial or viral. More often than not, it happens due to improper handling and cooking of food. Depending on the root cause, food poisoning cases can be mild to severe. Recovery comes within a few days and eating certain kinds of food helps in this process. There are a few areas that need more attention though.
So, what to eat after food poisoning? and when suffering from food poisoning?
One common symptom of food poisoning no matter its cause is dehydration. This is usually the result of losing bodily fluids due to diarrhea. Obviously, you want to replace all the lost fluids to avoid dehydration altogether.
Anything that induces vomiting or diarrhea should be avoided as well. In extreme cases of vomiting, dehydration may be avoided by sucking on ice chips. Drink plenty of clear beverages such as water or electrolyte drinks. Drinks with caffeine only upset your stomach and are a big no-no. Dairy products also make your diarrhea worse.
It is very important to stop vomiting to prepare your stomach to digest much needed nutrients. Start things off with ginger ale or lemon-lime soda for a bit of glucose without worrying about stomach irritations. Sip this drink slowly even if you are really thirsty.
This allows enough time for the drink to settle in your stomach. If you do not vomit for the next 30 to 60 minutes, you can start eating foods that are mild and starchy. Eat saltines very slowly and allow enough time for them to settle in your stomach. If there is still no vomiting, you can try going on a BRAT diet.
BRAT Diet? What to eat after vomiting?
The BRAT Diet
The BRAT Diet involves eating bananas, apple sauce, rice and toast. These foods cause only minor irritations to the stomach and actually helps stop diarrhea, so are therefore a great thing to eat after diarrhea or vomiting.
This diet helps your stomach calm down after being tender a few days after the outbreak of diarrhea or loose stools. It also helps in avoiding foods that upsets your stomach more such as sugar and fats.
Other foods included in the BRAT diet are yogurt and tea. All these foods can be digested easily with yogurt adding intestinal flora which may have been lost due to sickness. Still, do not forget to drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.
Normal Diet
After recovering from sickness, you can now return to your normal diet. Keep in mind that your stomach may take a few more days to get adjusted with normal foods. With this in mind, it is still a good idea to avoid foods that upset your stomach. This includes spicy, acidic and fatty foods. Mild soups, lightly buttered toast, plain proteins in eggs and skinless chicken breast and crackers should still be part of your diet. Only after this mild diet can you return to your normal eating habits.
Food Safety
When you think about it, food poisoning can be avoided altogether. All it takes is the proper knowledge to do this. Prepare and store foods properly to avoid contamination and observe proper hygiene.
This is what to eat after food poisoning.
Remember to take things slowly. When eating during or after food poisoning, it is important to build up slowly to avoid further irritation within your stomach and further food poisoning symptoms.

Just copied this from an interesting website xx

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Thanks Nat, appreciated :) i'll have to stick to that, my stomach isn't right still at all, shouldn't have had that rice cake even :( Will see you over in cd1000 asap xx
I'd stick to clear soups like chicken or veg broth, very settling on the stomach, hope u get better soon xx

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