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What to use instead of butter???

Ok, well....I LOVE butter on my toast, or in my sandwiches, but obviously butter is a rather naughty little thing to have, :rolleyes: so I was wondering what everyone else uses on their bread?? Are there any free spread's or super low syn foods??

Any help appreciated!! :)
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I've not had butter for nearly 3 years, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that it's a sacrifice worth making lol! It doesn't work for all sandwich fillings but I have a Laughing Cow extra light triangle instead of butter, it's nice with ham but probably wouldn't be suitable for tuna or chicken :yuk:
Hmmmm....that might be something worth considering. I read somewhere that some people use quark as a spread?? Not sure if I fancy that, but has anyone else tried this??


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I use Quark as a spread, it's free and if you spread it a bit thickly it fills out your sandwich and helps to make it more satisfying.


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Flora is quite low in syns.

Flora Buttery, 1 level tsp; 1.5
Flora Light 1 level tsp; 1.0
Flora Extra Light, 1 level tsp; 0.5 (28g; 2.5)
Flora Diet, 1 level tsp; 0.5 (28g; 3.0)
Flora No Salt, 1 level tsp; 1.5


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I have also learned to live without it! If the bread is lovely and fresh I find you don't need butter on it but on ryvita I do spread with quark - on it's own it's a little bland but it's great topped with ham, chicken, tomato, onion etc.


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Flora extra light is fab and only 0.5syn per tsp (like Squiddie said).

I use it and you get used to it :)

I'm a butter fan too and always have it on my jackets and just syn it. Thats what they are there for the little luxuries in life. Mustard is not bad spread on bread with ham etc and as its got lots of flavour a little goes a long way. Syn free coleslaw made with 0% total yougurt is good for flavour on bread and helps to stick the other stuff inside the sandwich.
I echo squiddle and sticky re: flora extra light. I use it all the time and it's great! I toss it in vegetables or have it on sweetcorn, etc.

Or you if it's toast or something you might try a spray of butter Frylight? I've not tried it so it might be gross!

And of course, there's my fave...Marmite! :)
Fabulous!!! I have just gone to get some Flora Extra light! Yum yum! Slightly different to normal butter, but it certainly does!!

Quick question....for people who have those slimming world 1/2 stone awards etc with the stars at the bottom of their signatures.....how do you get them? They are very snazzy! lol. :)
Ooooh.....that sounds GOOD! That was one of my worst things to eat (other than fast food!) was fried bread.....some call it gross, some call it fatty, I call it pure delight! yum...won't be having any of that any time soon though. lol
Been reading this thread with interest as i have the same problem, just a different diet-LOL
Best i have found tastewise but dont know about the syns is tesco's 'butter me up lite'

on the fried bread, if you spread you bread with spread then toast in (under the grill for obvious reasons) it comes out a bit like fried bread-not quite the same but an ok substitute

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