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What triggered you to start?

S: 13st7lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st7lb(11.11%)
I just wondered what the trigger was for others to start the diet - was it a photo, comment or just finally you did it -

Mine was a photo, at a the gordon ramsey cook off - me with a big bowl of chocolate looking bigger than I had ever done before.

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Mine was clothing. I'd always been a size 12, then it crept up to the odd 14 and I'd kid myself it was the shop I'd bought it from not me....then it crept to a 16 and it was when the size 16 became tight that I thought enough is enough. My size 14's are now baggy, but I'm not quite back in a 12 yet!


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The withering look from a nurse at the hospital when I went for a colonscopy - whom made a big song and dance about my having to have a man's gown - which nearly strangled me

That was it, enough was enough

Mine was a family holiday, I hid most of the time and my health was getting bad, my knees cracked everytime I moved, I hated it. July 2006, by November 2006 I was at goal. 5st gone forever x
S: 17st11lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 1st10lb(9.64%)
I think mine came about because i got complacent with life!
I had met the man i wanted to marry who loved me whatever so i didnt bother with diet and exercise anymore!
in 3 years i went from a size 10 to a size 18 which i am now!
i then fell pregnant and went to a size 20 now back to an 18!
But i feel ashamed when i cannot run around with my little girl and i dont want her to be embarassed by me when she gets to school!
I also want to take her on nice holidays and not feel embarassed and uncomfortable every day! As im sure children pick up on these negative vibes and i dont want any of this impacting on her.
Plus th biggest decision is that i get married in July and i dont want to be a heffa on my wedding day! :( :(


A few things inspired me to diet, all took place over the course of the year before I started CD.

1.) Seeing a selection of before and after pics from successful dieters on the BBC news site. Amazing transformations, one and all. The BBC site neglected to mention the most stunning result was as a result of a VLCD...! Everyone else's result was down to other dieting methods, all named.

2.) Having my life insurance premium bumped up at renewal owing to being (a lot!) heavier than last time round.

3.) Generally feeling like death warmed up and needing a few hours kip after a short walk. When out and about, I couldn't be on my feet for more than a few hours at a time.

4.) By chance, catching part of a tv programme (not sure of name) where a man improved his life expectancy by losing weight and changing his lifestyle. At start of programme, he had about 5 years left, tops. Shocking stuff.

I've never been the type to take negative comments about size on board. I've had them, believe me! LOL. I find the person making the comment is usually far more insecure about their own appearance.
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I bought a really beautiful size 18 dress in a charity shop. I thought I was a 16 so would be okay. When I got it over my head, it was too tight, it got stuck. I started panicking and eventually hacked the dress off me with a knife.

Looked around the floor at all my size 12s and decided I needed to lose the weight.
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
My incredible shrinking sister -in-law Georgie(Porgeous)

There have been so many horrid pictures,but Ialways managed to convince myself that it was the camera
for me it was not being able to find nice clothes. Pretending that i wasnt big when in actual fact i am huge! Pictures omg hate my pic been taken ive loads of pics but try and only get my face in them. Feeling uncomfortable on hoils, aeroplanes, cinema seats etc. When out in the pub getting funny looks all these things. I only found out about cd in jan and this site really encouraged me to go for it.
I'd wanted to diet for forever, as I've been getting steadily heavier since I was about 12. I was pretty complacent about it, my boyfriend loved me, all that, so I cheated. Constantly. But then my work uniform started to get tight (and I've never been able to do the bottom button up on the blouse anyway!), and I decided that I couldn't go on being a size 18/20 anymore.

So I went on CD, now here I am 8 weeks down the line and almost three stone down. I've never felt so amazing, everything feels like it's getting better, even the quality of the relationship with my fiance. And I can do the bottom button up on my work blouse!


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S: 19st10lb G: 14st0lb
For years i've been trying to loose weight so that i could wear nice clothes but nothing gave me the motivation, not my wedding,photo's,kids or not getting the belt around me on a plane. I would stick to a diet for a few weeks then think sod it. I've tried every diet/slimming pills going. Then in Jan 2007 2 days before my birthday my lovely dad, who was 57 had a massive stroke, it was touch and go but he survived it, but he has gone from a happy hard working family man to someone that has to have everything done for him. About six months later i went to the docs and she wanted to weigh me, she then sat me down and told me with my BMI i was a ticking timebomb for either a heart attack or a stroke (she did'nt no about my dad) and that was it!!! It took me a few months of researching what avenue to go down (was thinking gastric band) then started going to a new hairdressers and a girl who worked in there had lost 5 stone in 15 weeks on CD. The rest is history here i am on CD 44 lb down and loving it. It was definatley the shock i needed to shift the weight, i want to be around to see my kids grow up. Sorry if that was a bit heavy x x x x
I'd just thought that it was in everyone elses imagination that i was getting bigger and bigger and i'd look down at myself and think i'm not that big........ well when i saw the pics on holiday in october i felt sick.....:cry: i realised i had to do something i tried eating healthy and cutting out snacks when i got back but wasn't really working i heard about CD from my sister her friends mum worked with someone who did it.... and i'm not on day 5 woohoo
I'd always been huge, then had a baby, got down after and he's also never slept for more than 3 hours at a time he's two and a half now, so fed myself to cheer myself up so got even huger. I saw a photo of myself and it finally clicked, I'd turned into one of the people you feel sorry for. Thank goodness I'd waited till I was ready though, I've never cheated, never lost heart and now only have 23 pounds left to lose after a start weight of 20 stone!!!!!!!!


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S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My wake up call was not being able to get into my 16's. I refused to buy 18's and so lived in stretchy bottoms and mens t shirts. Then the holiday photos came back and my baggy dress like t shirt was there with all these ripples underneath it. It wasn't baggy at all when I had sat down. Then the acid reflux started back up so bad that even the tablets weren't much help. Thankfully now back into 14 jeans, and 2 stone to go. Thankyou CD!

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