What was the last movie you watched


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What was the last movie you watched? The Spirit
When did you watch it? 3rd Jan 2009
were you with anyone? Yes
Was it good? Apparently so but I didn't get it (but then I did not get Sin City)
Are you watching a movie now? No


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At the cinema it was, Quontam of solance

On DVD it was 300 (love that film...gorey!!!)



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Sex Drive, at the cinema, last Friday, with a friend.....very funny. If you like the American pie movies, you'll love this!
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I'd like to see Twilight I loved the books

Last movie I watched was No Country For Old Men on DVD last weekend and thought it was really good , the ending annoyed me a bit tho'.


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Last film Sex and the City
Where Portugal. Luckily it was in English with Portuguese subtitles. The Portuguese watching just did not get some of the jokes.

With Some female friends.

Not watching a movie now as still to connect DVD player to TV. Then it will be Mama Mia or the latest Batman


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The last movie I watched was Slumdog Millionaire, last night again, very good movie, watched it with the fella curled up on the sofa, Not watching a movie now but might watch sharkswarm in an hour.


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last movie was Transporter 3, it was good, lots of action like the last 2, was at home with OH :):)