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what was your breaking point??

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Hi all,

just wondering, what was the point where you thought "Right, thats it", i have been yo-yoing for years, and years, and years, and this time i really didnt have much of a reason, i just woke up and made the decision to do it.

have you got a reason to want to do it now or did you just snap too?

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Mine was the absolutely shameful moment when I went to Thorpe Park with my work friends and couldn't fit on most of the rides. I knew then that enough was enough.


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I have also been yo yo dieting for years. Putting on weight, or beeing on a diet. Everyone knows this, and it is a part of me. Which I am just so fed up with. I don't want to diet all the time, I don't want to spend so much time thinking and planning the next meal/diet/weightloss/binge.

I want to get real about this and get it done, and then be an adult about it when I get to my goal weight, and start making adult decision. Can't have the same lifestyle as I did when I put on weight. I just have to change my lifestyle. Thats it. :)


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Hi, mine was due to going to the doctors for various reasons over the years and always being told it was my weight, which I always thought was a fob off but then seeing a Doctor I totally respected who suffers with her weight herself and having a discussion with her.

I told her how I felt with regards to the attitude of doctors blaming everything on my weight ie my back problem and explained that I had a back problem when I was a size 12 and she said this- Zoe you will no doubt still have a back problem if you lose the weight but the point is they cannot manipulate your back with physio due to your weight.

She also said when your weight becomes an issue to your health you really must think about doing something about it and I agreed, it's not just my appearance it causes a problem with but my health so for me it's wanting to improve my health and of course my appearance too. Zoe xx


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The fact that I was nearly hitting 14 stone for the first time in my life - I'm menopausal and hadn't even changed my eating habits, it was just piling on and not disappearing! :cry:

Then I had another look at my holiday pics from last year, and remembered that I'd been pretending not to care what I looked like. When I saw them again, I realised that my tummy was a huge unsightly blob that needed to be got rid of pronto (I've posted the pix here in my album, so everyone can see how horrible I looked! :jelous:), and just decided to do it.

I've tried all the 'food' diets like SW & WW, and knew that only something radical would move the three stone that I'd managed to put on over two years. CD has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! :D (I remembered my aunty did it 20-odd years ago, and looked it up on the Internet to see if it still existed - thankfully it did! :))


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I lost a lot of weight (7 stone!) but piled some back on after a very painful and upsetting split with the ex. I was with him for 6 years and after this time he decided to tell me he didnt love me at all, was only with me for the sake of being with someone and thought i had mentality problems.

I am not as heavy as I was before, but I am certainly not the 8 stone I was. I have had a few crazy months, months where I didnt care what people thought and just ate what I wanted when I wanted to.

But now its time to change. I loved my body at 8 stone, I loved the clothes I could wear, I was so confident, so alive and so upbeat. Looking at myself in the mirror the other day made me realise it was time to hit that target again, time to start and time to get there. I *am* going to stay there this time, no matter what it takes!


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i made a promise to myself years ago that if i could have a baby i would not be a fat mum, i would look after it and my self. my little boy is now 2 and i was watching our holiday film and saw me waddling acrosss the dance floor after him and it suddenly hit me, if i want to look after my son properly and give him the best of me, i have to be smaller. i also realized that i am never going to be the thin perfect skinned no blemishes girl i was at 16... obviously.
i need to learn to be happy with me, i have everything i ever wanted, a wonderful partner a beautiful baby boy, so why am i killing myself with food. it just had to stop... before its too late xxxx
but whatever our reasons we are here and it is so nice to share with people who wont laugh at us or judge us. thanks xxxx


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I also wanted to loose weight so my son didn't have a fat mum and so I could have the energy to run around after him! But also it was going into Evans and not fitting into a size 20, I couldn't bring myself to try on the 22 so decided I had to do something.


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I also have all the usual reasons of health, appearance, airline seats, checking out places I go thinking am I the biggest person here, feeling guilty eating feeling even worse starving myself - same old same old!

I have thought about this diet on an off for a couple of years and never done anything about it, and always the next summer or the next Christmas thought "if only I had started Cambridge..." and this year I thought enough - just do it - don't be in the same place in 6 months time thinking if only.

Here I am, and it works...