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What was your moment you realised?

That you HAD to do this diet to get the weight off?

Mine was when i realised that all my "fat clothes" were too tight and didnt fit properly. And i had no shape what so ever to my face.
I was also dodging all my friends i hadnt seen in a while as i had gained two stone in about 3 months.
All my girl pals are skinny and very pretty, hate having to be their chubby friend on a night out lol.

What was yours?
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Hmm, mine was after the summer, I came home from my holidays and saw myself on the holiday dvd, that was my defining moment, i knew something had to be done, i barely recognised myself! I have my 2 sisters, both thin and great looking, I hate to be the fat sister!!


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Im not sure of the particular moment but something just clicked and i realised i cant go through my life being fat and unhealthy. My binging had gotten out of control and my doc was very very worried.

I decided i'd start lipotrim after xmas and after my weekend away with my best friend in London to see dirty dancing in january - and i did. It was the pics we took in London that really shocked me. I was almost 20st and then that was it - i was determined. And i did it. I had 2 holidays abroad planned and there was no way i was going looking like that ... so i did it. Lost 6st 10 and felt fantastic! :giggle:
S: 14st13lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 3st10lb(24.88%)
Mine was a cumulation of a few things: -

I started getting to fat for my "big" clothes and bras

I was becoming paranoid about eating in public - thinking people were all looking at the chubber eating

I didn't want to meet any new people and would not go to any social events that involved people I did not know.

My secret binge eating was totally out of control.

And then finally the Tesco checkout girl (I would go there everyday to buy my lunch and other junk food) asked me if I'd put on weight :sigh: that was a real low point.


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I saw a picture of me sitting down just after I'd had my last child and my stomach actually reached halfway down my legs- I was mortified and begged my hubby to delete the picture. He didn't and its now in my photo album as my 'before' picture!
I knew I had to do something to prevent my kids being teased about their 'slummy' mummy, and wanted to be around and fit to play with them as they grew up.
Also, none of my clothes fitted anymore, and I refused to go into elasticated waist trousers, LOL!
S: 14st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 3st4lb(22.44%)
My clothes were too tight and when I went shopping I was struggling to fit into a size 18. Then I saw my holiday pics and just refused to put them on facebook - i looked awful and my face was like a full moon.

Then my bf and I split up and I just thought right thats it.....I got nothing stopping me now so I went for it and I am so glad I did. Its my best achievement yet!!


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i did LT 3 years ago, my moment that time was photos of me and my mates out at uni - i didnt recognise myself. also my mum started lighter life and watching her shrink just nailed it for me.

this time... my moment hit the day before i had my first hospital consultation for a gastric band. i'd been referred by my GP and had NHS funding approved and was off to see the surgeon. i was crying on the sofa at home and my boyfriend just asked, what will you do if they wont do it for you? and suddenly, clear as you like, i just said i'll do lipotrim again. then all the time i was at the hospital, and all the way there and back i was thinking - why dont you just do LT again!!?

i was telling my mum about my appointment that evening and found myself telling her that i was gonna call the pharmacy and start LT again. so i did and thank god i did coz this is so much of a better option!! xxx


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I looked at pictures of me in my high school when we were on a trip, I was so upset at the size of me, I just wanted to hide all the time. An old friend of mine was on lipotrim and she told my mum about it who then told me, and so here I am...again LOL


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Mine was a number of things too.

Firstly ~(sorry if its to much info) - Being intimate with my boyfriend was becoming i chore rather than something we should both enjoy. And we had a talk and both said it was because we were both very much overweight and it was difficult, plus I dont have much confidence in my body so I wasnt much fun. My B/F has taken up running and healthy eating, But i havent got alot of self control and I Cant stop eating once i start!

Another reason is my mum commented on how big i had gotten (not in a nasty way) just that i looked like her when she was my age ....My mum was 21st and lost 10 stone in 10 months on W.W...but she said it was like looking in a mirror before she lost the weight. It really got to me as i look at those pics of my mum back in the 70's and think how big she was!

I used to be known as the "pretty" blonde girl....now im known as the "big" girl...i HATE :mad: being called that in a conversation!! I want to feel pretty again. :cry:


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sorry - crashing from caimbrdge forum....(similar diet)..

When at 9 months pregnant most of my patients hadn't noticed (because i was that big to begin with), then when i'd had him and went back to work those that did know where asking how long i had left :(
add to that the lack of maternity wear for the 16++ women (v.depressing) i vowed that before the baby is one my excess will be gone.


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I had been talking bout losing weight for a very long time but never had the motivation to do it. Broke up with my boyfriend and decided that now was the time or i wud never do it a week after the break up i went and talked to the pharmacist and even thou she made it out to be a nightmare(she had tried and failed) i said hey i mite as well. Havnt looked back since ive always lacked confidence and i really needed to concentrate on myself this was the first of many steps.
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I had lost some weight for my wedding. After this i worked in a hospital treating people with eating disorders. Whilst never being slim i didn't let it get to me not realiseing that working where i did we would be expected to eat with the clients. This is where in combination with settling down to married life i let things get out of control. In june this year i had a new job and had gone away with some friends. Looking at the photos and seeing my friend pregnant really motivated me. I realised i was wasting my life and chances of having kids, so i thought well LT worked before lets go the whole way this time. Stone three pounds down so far and though its been tough at times i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also my dad has promised me and the hubby a holiday if i get to goal !


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As most of you know, I started LT because of fertility issues.

I have always been bigger compared to others. When I was a child my mum used to slap my bottom alot because I was very thin and would not eat. I later became a chubby teen and fatter as I got older. I never had regular periods and have never concieved.

My husband and I are trying for a baby, the doctors are telling me that I am not ovulating and that I have PCOS. They gave me Clomid to make me ovulate but that did not work and my doctor told me that I was too fat for further fertility treatment and that I had to lower my BMI to below 30 (my BMI was 34). I had to lose 9kg's. I cried all the way home and after someone mentioning this diet on a forum I started the next day and lost the weight the doctors wanted me to and have been refered back. I have an appointment on Tuesday 13th Oct so I will see what treatment they will offer me.

I think crying all the way home was what made me determained.
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Oh, I hate feeling like the fat friend!

Mine was a combination of things - I got Ramsay Hunt Syndrome; basically, I woke up one day & half my face was paralysed; I was deaf in one ear, had vertigo, nausea, couldn't balance, etc. What I found most difficult was that my face didn't look as it should - I thought, "I've had all this time to make the most of how I look & now it might be over." I resolved to do LT, but because I was so depressed at the fact only 40% of people recover & felt so awful, I ended up just sitting in my room eating & I didn't want to start LT until I recovered, in case it could impact the outcome. I also ended up moving out of my flat because my flatmates started blanking me after I got ill. When I did recover, also a guy I've been besotted with since I was 16 & not seen since I did LighterLife & was a size 12, asked me on a date, I didn't want him to see me in that state - so, I rushed off, got my shakes & haven't looked back since! :) I've since bumped into two of my former flatmates around university, who hadn't seen me since I was a size 20 with only half a functioning face. It's great to know that they've seen how much I can achieve without them holding me back.

I love reading this stuff! Thanks for sharing everyone, you're all wonderful!

That you HAD to do this diet to get the weight off?

Mine was when i realised that all my "fat clothes" were too tight and didnt fit properly. And i had no shape what so ever to my face.
I was also dodging all my friends i hadnt seen in a while as i had gained two stone in about 3 months.
All my girl pals are skinny and very pretty, hate having to be their chubby friend on a night out lol.

What was yours?
SNAP!!!!! I resorted to only wearing leggings and big baggy tops as pants were cutting me in half!!!! xx
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Hi all, well I can`t really pinpoint my "defining moment" other than the fact we were visiting friends and family back home after going to a family wedding, and I remember lying in bed on the Sunday morning and crying my heart out to my hubby. I was feeling low about my weight, having seeing the bride looking absolutely gorgeous and slim in her dress, and thinking how fat I looked in comparison. My mother in law had lost around 2 1/2 stone on Lipotrim earlier this year, and I so wanted to start on it too, but hubby thought it was a `fad diet` and his mum would probably put all her weight on again. Well, let me tell you....she hasn`t gained an ounce, and even better, said hubby finally realised how much i hated the way I looked and well....here I am! So 8 days into LT and a loss of 6lbs the first week, I`m feeling really positive! xxx:)


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1 of the reasons - on valentines day was out having a meal with hubby, the restaurant was taking pics of all the couples to raise money for charity. we had ours done, i was wearing my fav dress and thought i looked nice. the pic came a few mins later and i was in so much shock at how fat i looked i wanted to go home. my hubby was telling me i looked beautiful and not to be silly but thats the biggest ive ever seem myself. planned to diet right away but fell pregnant so couldnt.

main reason = a couple of months ago i found out theres a link to overweight and obese women who miscarry healthy babies. ive lost 5 babies. had 2 children when i was thin who both were healthy and went full term. blamed myself for the loss of my babies so now want to get to a healthy bmi, almost there.

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