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what was your turning point

Hi guys just wondering why everyone chose to do CD.

For me its various reasons

1- ive tried every diet on this planet im sure and i just eat way too much lol. On slimming world i take free food to its limit and spend most of the day eating. On weight watchers especially the new plan, i spend all my points on eating crap, i have points and i must eat them

2- im fed up of people looking down their nose at me, am i a second class citizen because im fat ?

3- fed up of wearing the same clothes and certainly fed up of opening the wardbrobe, mmmmm which item of black clothing can i wear today? The black pants or the black pants?

4- fed up of being the fat friend, im married but just once i would like someone to try and chat me up on a very rare night out :D

5 - fed up of going nowhere, no clothes, look fat, get dressed in black, cry on the stairs and tell hubby to go on his own

Im just fed up !!! i want my life back, my life where i choose what to do and dont have to think what will i wear, will i fit in that chair if i sit down. I want to walk into a room a know people are looking at me because i look fab not looking at me coz im so much fatter than the last time i saw them !
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Mine was, I was going to the gym, eating healthy, and wasn't losing much weight, and I had to get into the dress I ordered for our second wedding!

So it was something intense to get the weight off fast!


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I had not got to my wedding dress goal there... really should change that... but Thankyou that's really sweet.
I put on just under a stone while in aus for a month, so I am back to that picture weight.
So 2 stone to go, till I get to goal
and im sure u will do great, you should defo put some wedding piccies up ! Aus for a month wow sooooo jealous x


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We have not got the photographers photos back yet... sooo we are hoping to get sorted with photos soon.
As soon as I do ill post


this time - the last time
I had hit rock bottom.

I got to December knowing that I turn 30 this year, and I'm getting married next year.

If I can't lose weight now, I'm never likely to. So I decided it was now or never!

Chose CD as I need the fast results. Losing 1lb a week is just not an option when I need to lose 6,7 or even 8 stone!


In it to win it.
For me it was when we had an unscheduled night stop with work. I got to the hotel, put on my night stop kit (jeans and t-shirt which normally fit) and struggled to get them on. The t-shirt was skin tight. I looked like a skinned rabbit. It was horrific!

So I thought it's time to get back on the VLCD. Now, I'm loving the comments I get a work. Only 3.5 lbs to goal, and now I'm so scared I'll put it back on. Will be refeeding this time next week hopefully!
Mine was seeing pictures of myself at Christmas, somehow photos are always worse than how you see yourself. It was horrible looking at my fat face. I have dimples so it looked like I had a second ring of fat around my face.

Also that and going to try wedding dresses on and not even being able to do up a size 20, very embarrasing having the back open in the middle of a bridal shop!
Mine was seeing pictures of myself at Christmas, somehow photos are always worse than how you see yourself. It was horrible looking at my fat face. I have dimples so it looked like I had a second ring of fat around my face.

Also that and going to try wedding dresses on and not even being able to do up a size 20, very embarrasing having the back open in the middle of a bridal shop!
think how fabulous you will look on your wedding day, thats always been one of my regrets not losing weight for my wedding
Mine was the fact my size 18 clothes were getting too tight (I couldn't do up the top button of my work trousers) and started reaching for the 20's!!

Also I noticed my sex life has almost gone down the pan recently because I feel so huge and I feel bad for my OH! He says he likes me how I am but I don't see how that's even possible.

And the fact I'm turning 21 this year and want to be skinny for the summer and the family party my mum will throw for my birthday in august!
Mine was realising that my agoraphobia and depression stems from being fat
I stopped contacting friends purely because I honestly believed that I didn't have anything worthwhile saying
I hide myself away in my bedroom
I've got 5 kids and I'm on my own and I've stopped doing stuff with them

I then thought back to how I am when I'm alot slimmer and I'm so different, happy, confident

I've lost my identity :(

But I'm determined to get the old me back
If I'm happy and healthy and can be a true mum to my kids as time passes, I will be overjoyed :)
Initially mine was having a friend ask me if I would do LL with her. I had been overweight for 13 years (and very unhappy about it -- I had tried and failed many times to lose the weight), and at this point I had recently made a big jump to become obese. So, I was pleased to have someone with whom to do the programme.

After LL (and a loss of approx. 5 stone) -- we did not do all of management -- and after some time I regained about 1/2 of what I had lost.

It was getting back to being very nearly obese (again!) that made me commit to a VLCD and I am now about a stone from my goal weight.

I do not want to EVER be overweight, much less obese again. I am trying to figure out what my long-term maintenace is going to be... so, that this time I am prepared and committed to maintenance.

2 things were the turning point for me - First the photo of me at my sons birthday party - I have always had skiing legs and got away with earning short because of it - but OMG my legs were enormous in the photos.

The second was far worse - I lost my 5 year old on the beach at Woolacombe - tide was right out and it was a good 7-8 min walk between there and where we were sitting - she could have been at the top of the beach being taken or drowning in the water - And I couldn't move fast enough between the 2 places.. Alls well that ends well - she was crying and a nice mother took her to the life guards and then saw us looking so that was OK - but I never ever want to be in that position again - anything could have happened and I was too fat to do much more than waddle around.

Boy those children are going to get a shock this summer when I can chase them and catch them when they are naughty!!!
MinnieMel - love what you are saying about never going there again - I'm joining you with that thought!
Hi Setas - Those kids won't know what hit them (not literally). ;)

My son was shocked when I was at goal -- and he realised that he weighed more than I did. (And he is very thin... alomost 5'10" and 142 lbs).

Mine was photo's from my son's birthday party and a holiday, I was so shocked to see the me that everyone else saw as that was not the me I saw in the mirror. I was huge !

I should have known my weight had crept up to unacceptable as so many people had asked when my baby was due I could see they were more embarressed I was upset but not too much I thought at least they think I am pregnant not just fat ha ! but got a grip of myself and back on plan to finish off this weight issue for good x
My 1st turning point was falling pregnant last year, I was absolutely amazed to actually fall pregnant so easily anyway (I thank myself so lucky everyday for that) but I was constantly criticised by the doctors for my weight, my BMI was circled everywhere on my files, I spent most of my pregnancy asking my hubby if I still looked fat or pregnant lol (looking back at photos I quite obviously looked pregnant :rolleyes:) anyway, I had to have loads of fasting diabetes testing which took up whole mornings (but I never had it), tons of extra scans because of my huge bump and to top it all off I was putting so much strain on my joints in my last 2 weeks of pregnancy my knees buckled and I fell causing a horrific ankle break that needed lots of pins and rods to put back together (which was done with an epidural) and a week in hospital when I should have been doing my finishing touches at home!

Fast forward 4 months, I was still in my maternity clothes and leggings with a wardrobe full of clothes I couldn't fit into!! I bought a new all-singing-all-dancing weighing scales and I found out that I still had a really healthy visceral fat level but was carrying around all this extra (a whole 6 stone) of really unhealthy, heavy fat! and it was time for a big change! :D
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Mine was the same as you Jaxmummy - I'd tried every other diet going and was far too 'clever' for them to work - I too would spend all day planning how I could fit in more 'free' food (mountains of instant noodles, jacket spuds, packet rice, bowls of pasta, tins of sweetcorn, eggs, 'sin free' chips etc etc) and got depressed thinking that I was destined never to lose the weight. These plans are of course for people who eat more 'normal' sized portions (yes, I used to eat pasta from a mixing bowl as a plate couldn't hold the amount I wanted). I decided on holiday to try a VLCD as it was more or less the last resort and I was fed up of my legs rubbing together every time I wore a swimsuit.
I had also bought a T shirt in the sales some months earlier which fitted then, but when I wore it for the first time on holiday I realised how much weight I'd piled on in those months

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