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What was your turning point?


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I wrote this on my blog a little while back:

The Turning Point..

There was quite a few 'turning points' for me when I finally knew I had to do something about my weight, looking back now, I felt quite hopeless about losing weight and had done so for many years. The Cambridge Diet gives hope to the hopelessness, I truly believe that. It is totally amazing.

1. When I saw my best mate who had shed loads of weight on LL and was brimming with happiness. Before that day, I thought that these kind's of diets were ludacrus. When I knew that she was on it, I did initially ask a few questions, but put it to the back of my mind thinking that 'it was too drastic' however, it kept coming back into my mind and when I saw her after a few months, I couldnt believe how much weight she had lost. She gave me hope.

2. I was coming up to being 30 years old and feeling really fearful about it and not knowing why. I eventually realised that it was because I was scared of weighing the same as my age and ending up being one of those people on Discovery Health who couldnt get out of their house and needed the fire brigade. Because I started this diet at the beginning of March, when my 30th came at the end of March, I was so happy because I had lost over a stone already, and I knew that by the time I was 31, there was no way I would be obese.

3. The only shop I have ever been able to shop in for the last 10 years is Evans 'the fat shop' Early Jan 08, I realised that the biggest clothes in Evans were getting too small, that size 32 didnt fit anymore and I was scared that I wouldnt have anywhere to buy clothes. I would go to the shop and instead of looking at the item I would look at the clothes size first and then when I found a size 32, I would then look at what it looked like. Even if I didnt like it I would get it anyway becase 'it fit'

Today - 19th July 2008

I went into Evans today and the manager who knows me really well looked at me quite shocked and then asked me if I had lost a lot of weight because I didnt look like me and she didnt at first recognise me. I was well chuffed to say the least. To me, I am still obese. A size 22 now from a size 32 which is great, but still obese to say the least. But the look on her face was priceless and genuine and a real 'turning point' in my weightloss journey.

This diet has given me my life back and so much more. I feel so happy about my future and I cant wait to get to my target.


They're great Lillypop - I can relate to a lot of that too.

I was fed up declining social outings because of my size, not having anything to wear etc. and was actually pleased on a recent trip that the weather was bad so I could stay covered up............determined not to let that happen again, life passes too quickly to have regrets.........
I would say this time, mine was my first trip abroad, which is now only two weeks away! I wish I had thought earlier so I could have lost more weight, but I was running out of time to lose some weight for my holiday and was so fed up that I hadn't done it, that I just had to start cambridge! Now I am determined that once I get back from hols, I will get straight back on it and keep going until i get to target. I have had enough of living such a limited life because of my weight! x
Turning point

Hi Minz my turning point was hiding food from my fella. I realised that emptying one packet of crisps into another so he did'nt know I was scoffing two packs, or putting sweets in my mouth when I coughed, certainly signalled I had a problem.
Oh and I would dream of what I would eat as soon as he had gone to bed, then the feast would begin. I started hating my self and the sugar would, I only found out from reading, produce huge mood swings and depression.

By the way I did'nt realise you were in Ireland I am, until next week when I move to UK for a year. So new move, new job, new me!

Cheers Von

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Hi everyone. My turning point was when i was a bridesmaid at a wedding last year. When the morning of the wedding cami I could barely squeeze into my dress, and just before the reception, i bent down to fix the brides dress, and the zip on my dress burst :cry:
Have NEVER been so embarrassed in all my life, luckily some safety pins did the trick but thats when i realized that if a size 22 dress was too small, i needed to do something about it :(
My turning point came when I had two miscarriages in 6 months!! It was devastating and made me realize that my body is not healthy at all to carry a baby.:cry: That gave me the biggest shock of my life! I cried a whole week. Crying myself to sleep:(. I was depressed ALL of the time. I couldn't enjoy my son. My hubby was upset that I wasn't serious enough to take charge of my health which was affecting my family too. No one cared to help and every one was ever ready to sneer and say very hurtful remarks...:sigh: all the so called friends. That's when I realized I have to take control of my life. I looked in the mirrior and said "Life is going to change from today and I will become an epitome of good health by the end of Dec 08" And GOD is helping me every step of the way.:) I have lost 7 kilos in 4 weeks. Nothing is going to stop me and I want to be healthy for my son and my hubby.... and one day bring forth a healthy baby. That will be the ultimate joy. I need all your prayers:)
My turning point came 3 weeks ago, flying home from Cypress spending 4 1/2 hours squeezed into a small seat unable to even move !!! All my life i have been overweight and tried every diet going, but i am fed up with turing down invites and hiding at home. I am planning a trip to the far east March 09 for my Silver Wedding and i am determind to be slim fit an healthy to make this a trip of a life time, and get my life back once and for all.:party0049:
Mine was when I saw a photo of me and I burst into tears and realsied that I had compltetly fooled myself into that I looked good, I decided then to change it and that I wanted to be that girl before i had my kids - well i w2anted that figure back anyway!
Coming up to my 40th birthday and realising if I don't do something now I probably never will. Always been overweight and it's never really bothered me that much. Always a bit of a nightmare finding nice clothes for special occasions but apart from that very happy with life.

But in the last few years carrying the extra weight seems to be getting harder and with my sensible head on I realise I'm going to cut years off my life if I don't so something about losing the weight. Have about 10st to lose (well about 8st now!) and I'm not sure I'll lose all that but I figure anything I do lose will improve my health.
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After i had my son in march, me and my mum went out to get me some new jeans and i struggled to get into a size 24 :cry::cry::cry: I wanted Ryan to not be ashmed of his mummy when his older. So i gave myself a target of getting down t a respectable weight by his 1st birthday in march
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Mine was when i got married in March 08, i felt good on the day, and it was a beautiful ceremony.. but every time i look at the photo's i cringe, my other half just looks like a tiny person next to me.. and the thing that finally did it for me, was we got the wedding video back last month, and my other half (Zoe), was STRETCHING just to get her arms half way round me on our first dance.. i was devestated that people had seen that.. i don't think until then that i had truely realised how much weight i had put on over the last two years. (going from a size 16, to size 22).. i just wish i had sorted my weight out before my wedding..


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if this counts, i have had a turning point in the last few days...

as you guys probably know, i haven't been around a massive amount since i went to the wedding in July, my first proper time eating since starting cd... since then i have really struggled to start again...

anyway my turning point was on saturday, updating my signature for restart today... my ticker is exactly half way there... i was like "i only have half the weight left to lose"...!!!

it was such a good feeling first time round and when i think back it went by really quickly...

so today i am ready and raring to go for part to and i plan to be committed to CD 100% until goal...

as my ticker says, i'm aiming for 12st5lbs, cos i'm 5ft10 and don't know how i would look at that weight... started at 18st5 and almost size 22... now a size 16 so gonna get to 12st5 and see how i feel... may then decide to lose more, and that will be another chapter in the sara saga lol xxx


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I've been trying to lose weight for so long that i've forgotten how it feels to not be on a diet. However my "diets" tend to consist of a week of healthy eating and exercise and and end in a weekend of excess!!

I've lost so much self confidence that there are places i won't go to incase i see somebody who knew me when i was thinner, i can't stand to see that look of recognition then shock when they realise its you!!

Finally i was constantly thinking about my health, i tried to register for bupa last month but was told that it was very unlikely i would be accepted!

My friend started LL a month ago and i thought she was crazy, i decided i would "diet" and lose some weight to prove that i didn't need to go to those lengths.......2 weeks later i was heavier than when i started!

Another friend called me and told me she was starting cambridge in 3 days time and after speaking to her i immediatly called her CDC and made an appt for the weekend.

Since then my 2nd friend didn't get on with CD and has stopped it, but i'm on day 8 and feeling really positive, i feel like i've been given the answer to my problems! Don't get me wrong i still struggle when preparing food etc but i finally feel like it is my choice not to eat those foods because i want a new life with endless possibilities not the old life full of restrictions and limitations. (sorry for sounding dramatic)

So fingers crossed i have reached my turning point and i don't intend to go back!!


H xx
I always knew I had put on abit of weight after I had my son, but everyone was like it's only been 3 months you will lose it in know time and they kept on saying in when he was 5 months.

I was really really down about my weight, didn't want to go out, didn't want to buy new clothes, didnt want to see people, which was the exact opposite of what I was like. I had always been a size 10, fanatastic figure, toned stomache the works (check out my b4 pregnant pics) and going from that to a size 16/18 was unreal.

A big turning point was when I went shopping and I could not find a pair of jeans that fitted me, I couldn't buy the type of fitted clothes i'd usually wear, I just looked fat.

I tried eating healthy and exercising but my body was just resisting lossing fat. So when Callum was 5 months, I stopped breast feeding,(he was pretty much on the bottle anyway) started the diet and feel soo much better.

I'm down to a size 14, am wearing jeans and feeling more like my former confident self and in a few weeks I know I will be a size 12 going on 10. I just have to stick at it!


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While and after being in an abusive relationship of 1,5 years I was pretty messed up mentally. I did not know how to deal with the feelings I had and so I started eating and eating and eating... At some point I had gained so much weight that I felt even more horrible than before I started eating away those emotions.

That and all my sisters being skinny as hell (sorry for the language, but really they ARE!) finally made me decide I had to start dieting. I tried other methods but they didn't work so I decided I'd go see the CD counsellor after my vacation. We made an appointment and I had fun at my vacation, enjoying the ''not so good'' food for a few days.

The last day of vacation some random guy came up to our breakfast table at the hostel. He asked my mother if she spoke English and if she would be so kind to explain to her friend here (me) all the horrible things that happen to people that are overweight. I was horrified, so were my sisters and my mum. They told him to go away, mind his own business but he didn't. He kept going on and on.. I threw my orange juice in his face while crying so loud everyone was looking at me.

At that time all my sisters were in tears too (I have 4) but the man wouldn't go away. So my dad got up and pushed him away from our table, telling him to leave us alone, to mind his own business and leave his darling daughter alone etc.

We had just started breakfast and noone was hungry anymore. We all just sat there, crying... This experience has shown me how much my family cares and how much they understand my feelings. Though I had already decided to start CD, this incident has made me more determined than ever to lose weight. I do know that if I ever see some random person insult a ''big'' person I will walk up to him and smack him, I really can not BELIEVE what kind of insensitive people there are in this world.

Not all is relevant for this thread but I'm sorry I really had to let it out.

Lostris - what an amazing family you have.

What an incredibly dumb guy that person was.... people can be so strange... why did he even think it was his business... so very weird. I'm not really violent by nature but I believe I would have got up and poked his eyes out :eek:
Lostris - I can't believe what I'm reading - what sort of issues has this guy got to say such horrible things to anyone, let alone a complete stranger - it sounds like he has far more serious problems than a couple of lbs. Your family sound amazing - thanks for sharing your story and good luck on your CD journey - sounds like you have all the support you need to help you through. x


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
Lostris - what an amazing family you have.

What an incredibly dumb guy that person was.... people can be so strange... why did he even think it was his business... so very weird. I'm not really violent by nature but I believe I would have got up and poked his eyes out :eek:
1st off, thanks for your reply! :) It's very sweet.

Yes, I have a lovely family. Sometimes I ''hate'' them for stupid little things but I know they will always be there for me no matter what and I know for sure now, few weeks into CD SS, that they all really want to support me whilst on this diet.

My dad was quite sceptical first, he thought it was weird to replace food and not have to work out a lot etc.. to lose weight but now he's seen I've lost weight in a short time and how determined I am he's more supportive than ever. :)

They're fighting for the first chance to take me shopping after I've reached my target weight (which is still at least 4-5months away) :))) I reckon I'll take them all and let them all buy me stuff, muwhauhau. :))

If I block out the feelings 'nd stuff, I can see someone's urge to spread ''awareness'' of obesity etc, but I still do not agree someone can just walk up to a random person and start a really hurtful speech. He also said he did not wish to offend me, but he had done so in so many ways.. He would not even speak to me directly, as if I was beneath him or something... brrrr

Sorry for the long story again! :) But yes, I have a fabulous wonderful amazing family that I love to death. I'm sorry to say it took this incident for me to realise that we are super-close, but I won't ever forget it. :)

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