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What was your worst habit?


Determination is Key
As far as unhealthy eating goes?
Mine was drinking coke. I could easily guzzle a 2lt bottle of coke in a day!
I've been off the coke altogether for 3 weeks now. I feel so liberated lol

At first the headaches absolutely dominated me - in fact if I didn't have a sip of coke every hour or so I'd get a headache, they were a constant companion for months - and when I came off it, I took to taking painkillers and having a nap until they went away, but now....
I don't have headaches anymore. It feels great not saying at least once a day "my head is killing me!"

Other than that, when the kids go to bed, I'd usually sit down and eat some rubbish watching TV. Hubby still does, and it makes it very difficult in the evenings, but I'm determined.
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Haha, mine was crisps, would just gobble my way through a multipack without thinking. Anything with bbq flavour would be rolling around in my stomach! I would sometimes subtitute it for a meal! :((


Determination is Key
Why, oh why are carbs so delicious?! lol
My worst habit was Asda's tiger tail baguette. I could easily eat most of one at one sitting, especially with butter and peanut butter.
I also miss having lots of extra mature cheddar cheese (the more mature the better)
Bread, baguettes, toast, crisp sarnies! I ate loads of White bread!
All with butter.

Sometimes I would wake up at four am and have to go down to have two rounds of cheese sarnies with butter and Mayo and a large glass of milk!
Cheese, Nuts, Indian/Chinese takeaways and the odd bottle of cider and take root on the sofa in front of the telly.
Mine is definitely chocolate and anything gooey a real emotional eater unfortunately!
Minstrels, maltesers, fizzy chewy sweets in large amounts. One was never enough! Chili doritos. Dry cereal late at night. Strange I know - eaten out of a cup! White bread. The list goes on lol.
I had a habit of buying a big sharing size bag of sweets or chocolates and munching on them throughout the afternoon. It got to the stage where if I didn't have my sugar fix I just couldn't concentrate on my work, so I had to have it. That was one of the hardest habits to break when doing SW, I think - that mental craving for sugar. At first I had to bribe myself, lol - like, if I don't eat sweets during work for a fortnight, I can buy a new pair of shoes. I now have more pairs of shoes, haha :D


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Hmmm, for me it was probably white bread, ready meals and wine.... and Dominoes pizza at the weekends!

My OH was military and was based away from home during the week so I was home alone all the time. Rather than cook properly for myself in the evenings I would pick up ready meals or the giant yorkshires and fill them with whatever.

I would skip breakfast and then for lunch I would pick up a baguette at work, usually cheese or mayo laden, a packet of crisps and a choccie bar. Plus, as I was on my own in the evenings I got into the habit of drinking wine each evening. Started with maybe 1-2 glasses of wine in an evening, and progressed to the point where I could easily polish off a bottle to myself and have no after effects the next morning. I can still polish off a bottle if I so desire, but it does affect me these days!

Then at the weekends when OH was home, we got into the habit of ordering pizza on a Friday night. Sat and Sunday we'd usually throw something in the slow cooker, otherwise we'd end up ordering takeaways again.

These days I still drink my wine (just less of it) but do miss my white bread. Dominoes pizza however... had one a few weeks back with visitors and it was the vilest thing I think I've ever eaten... got over that one then! And with OH now home we cook from scratch every evening!
My worst habit was/is nibbling whilst cooking. I love to cook but then when I open the fridge I break off a little bit of cheese. :) When I open the cupboard I eat the crust off the Warburtons white loaf with butter thickly spread on :):) and then ..... I have another slice because it would have tasted better with jam on as well and then. ....... omg it was - really good so guess what? I have another slice!! Then tea will be ready and so I eat that thinking that diet is completely blown :sigh: so I may as well have some ice cream with broken up chocolate biscuit on the top :)........................
That was the old me!!!!

On SW the new me is not as hungry and on week 4 I have not felt the urge to nibble while cooking (maybe a bit of carrot or a mushroom) because I have eaten sensibly during the day and I am not as ravenous! :) Funny - now I have typed this I am reminded why I gained weight so easily in the first place! :eek:
Pizza and Nachos
Chilli Heatwave doritos and creamy cheese dip
Pic and Mix

I still have these things occassionally (very!!), but if i am not careful i do maintain or gain!!! I always say you only live once!!

HOWEVER - the habit i have changed it the FREQUENCY of which i have these treats. Not every other day, its every other week or 3!

Crisps with every sandwich
Bread and butter
Not being able to resist multipacks of anything!

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red wine, bags and bags of crisps and a couple of cakes a day.

Now I don't drink very often and if I do I buy one of the tiny 250ml bottles of red wine for 8.5 syns, sometime syn 1 bag of crisps and don't touch cakes at all
Crisps and cakes!
I would buy sharing size bags of crisps and eat them all to myself n omg cakes.
Cream cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, cupcakes any cake. And I couldn't have just one, it had to be two or three.
Makes me really sad now to think about it cause I appreciate it so much more now.
Cake, cake, and more flamin cake! It is my real weakness, and of course chocolate. Really want a glass of wine tonight but as I start my hols on Sunday ( one week A I in Turkey) think I wont indulge tonight. Well in theory at the moment anyway.
Mine was simply an inability & unwillingness to choose. Do you want the bourneville bar, the milybar buttons or the square crisps? Why do i have to choose? I'll eat them all!

The other was pure lazyness. At least once a month one day at the weekend would be Mcd's for brekkie (with a 2nd meal for the extra hash brown) Kfc for lunch, chinese for dinner. Its actually a wonder i wasn't bigger than i was.

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