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What were you previously addicted to?


Happy to be slim at last
Am curious to see what everyone's downfall was before adopting a more sensible eating regime.

I have never been bothered about chocolate and sweetstuff. I ate some, but my big downfall was carby takeaway food like chinese (lots of noodles and rice) curries with rice and nan bread, McD's etc. I was also a fiend for eating a whole BIG bag of kettle chips in one sitting, after having had a dinner twice the size it should have been. Oh and then there was the bowls of cereal before going to bed, again after having had a large dinner.

Not surprising I got fat now that I look at it. I made a list today of the kind of things I would eat in a week and whilst the list isn't that long, it was shocking to see how many starchy carbs I would eat.

So what was your downfall?
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Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, more cakes. Major major sweet tooth.

Chinese food <- that needs a whole line to itself.

Also.. so called 'healthy low fat things' pasta etc, used to eat far too much of it then get super sleepy a couple of hours later.

Oh, and mcdonalds banana milkshakes.



Alway see the love x
wine as u know babes, oh and choccy when the munchies kicked in....

Thank the lord for Vodka ka ka no carbs = no cravings. Happy days

Woofy X
I don't have much of a sweet tooth really

I ate way to much, Bread, Chinese, Indian, Rice, Pasta, and I would eat a big Mac as a mid morning snack. I'd also eat 8 slices of thick toast and cheese as a late night munchy.
Chocolate, chocolate and oh, chocolate. I don't really like any other sugary stuff but love chocolate, the darker the better. Have been known to eat cocoa powder from the tin....
Addicted in food and other..

Take away food (any!)
2 bottles of red wine per night, plus some spirits
Self justification!

(so dare tell me one drink a day will kill me!!!)
Fat bird clothes shop :)


Happy to be slim at last

Oh Jim, you are learning so much from us girls aren't you!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
tt hun you enjoy youre drink a day ,B****CKS to it all you are doing fantastic !!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
christ !!!! where do i start ,
1st one ciggies then when they went ....mmmmmm
(short list )
takaways (any)
CAKE !!!!!
oh generally FOOOOOOD !!!!! as long as it wasnt cold and green xx:eek:
very very scary looking back !!!
Thanks Sukie and Woofy :)

I just remembered how I sold my soul for a Greggs Steak Bake :p
you know before i did cd the last time, i rarley ate chocolate, and never drank drinking chocolate, but then after cd i used to inhale it walking down the aisle in the supermarket lol thing is im succeptible to migraines which doesnt mix well with chocolate lol
i also to to eat loads fo cheese, i could eat a packet of white cheshire in one sitting lol,

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
BUTTOCKS to it all Sukie? :eek:
lol the other kinds of cks but extra long with 2 o's:0) (just cant spell really even if my dad was a soldier thhee ):eek:

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