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What were your 'life savers' when you first started?


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Carry a water bottle around with you - I have a 75ml one permanently in my hand! It makes it easier to drink little and often.

Cut down on your carbs before yous start CD - you will find it will help with the nasty headaches you can get in the first week.

Your first weigh in will be SO WORTH you sticking with it, I promise :)
Steel like determination and a total belief that I could and would do it! Sounds silly but amazing what a bit of self belief can do.

Always have a bottle of water with you and break it down across the day, say two bottles before lunch, two in the afternoon etc it makes it seem more manageable.

Good luck and enjoy!

Ohh good luck with Cambridge cankles :)

Breaking my weight loss into little goals at the start helped me..so i was looking at the first stone...which i lost in 2 weeks..things like that will see you through i promise :)

As above the water, small bottles are best as then it doesnt seem like such a mountain to climb

Thanks for the replies, i will make sure i have a water bottle ready and waiting. Yuk just the thought of water makes me heave lol its going to be interesting! I will learn to love it (i hope!).
Sarah - I was truly a big water hater, but i started drinking it a week before starting CD , and each day i increased the consumption slightlyso that when i started i was having the 2.25 litres that are recommened.I am now managing between 2.5 litres and 3 litres a day. Plus i cut down my meals the week before also , just so i got used to having less food. Good luck on you weight loss journey though you wont need it as this CD is miraculous
as everyone else has said always have a bottle of water with youwhen i'm at home i keep a bottle in the fridge and refill it from the tap each time so it's nice and cold,i also use a straw as i find i tend to drink more that way.
Wish I had known about cutting down carbs before starting,luckily i didnt suffer with headaches really.
After 1st WI you really will be hooked anyway,oh and also i would'nt have made it this far (nearly finished week 3) without minimins!
Goodluck hon x
As you are already on here, i guess you've seen many peoples stories and weight loss journeys. I use minimins all the time to keep me on track, just find it so inspirational. I was just so excited to be doing it, that alone was enough to keep me going for a good while and then the losses make it all the more easier.
I don't mind water, but at times have struggled to fit it al in. I've never got round to using bottles (although i have tried today) but i normally glug 0.5-1pt in one go whenever in kitchen. It also has effect of filling you up and reducing hunger even more. Read icemoose's thread 'why drink water on a vlcd', helped me loads. Good luck, not that you will need it, you will love this diet. xx
I tried to arrange my social life so that I wasn't doing too much. I wanted to have a routine of coming home from work in the evening and having a couple of sachets, rather than trying to hurriedly have a sachet before going into a cinema or theatre. This is what suited me, but some people might say that a very busy schedule worked best for them.
Breaking up the water intake into small amounts - I carry a half litre or litre bottle with me, is ideal advice as it really can feel like a struggle to glug it all down.
Hi cankles - My mum and I started 10 days ago and neither of us find the water a problem. We both like water and drank quite a lot anyway. One thing that I do know has helped, is that we are doing it together and of course once we had the first weigh in and saw the loss, we were both eager to continue.


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi cankles - minimins, water, more minimins and more water!! One staves off the initial hunger until you are in ketosis and the other offers superb support and inspiration. Good luck on the CD journey - watching and feeling the losses is fab. Tx


Water bottle - I carried either a 1l or a 750ml one around with me all the time

Peppermint tea was also brilliant, as was green tea if you like it.

The odd cup of black coffee doesn't go amiss either.

Tablet sweetners.

Staying on this board too - the guys really are a great source of support
well i have restarted after a long break and so finding it hard at the moment
like the others have said water but i do struggle with this
it`s a case of being firm with yourself and making sure you get at least 2ltrs through the day
i also think of my kids and how they wouls cope without if i were to have a heart attack
i know that sound spretty grim but with the weight i am i am a prime candidate for health probs so i just think of their faces and stick to the diet
i wish you luck you will do it and when it gets tough just log on here as mini`s has helped me lots
Well done on starting the Cd journey hun! :)

agree with all the above re water....lots of 750ml bottles to hand! I keep a stash of them in the fridge and just grab one each time im passing!

Minimins has been a real help...the people, the pictures, its all kept me on track! I never thought i would get through week 1, but here i am 6 stone lighter on week 21 and i love this diet!

write a list of things to keep you occupied when your after food...posh baths, online window shopping, list of sites for shops you want to be able to go to, anything to keep your mind away from what your not eating!

Clear the cupboard out of all the food you LOVE! So anything that will REALLY tempt you, get it out the house!

Cut the carbs gently now so you can spend the next 10 days mentally preparing for it!



please try again
write a list of the reasons your doing cambridge and reasons you want to be slim and stick it to your fridge, to the cupboard doors and keep a copy in your bag. if you feel yourself wavering then read it

water, as the others have said 500ml - 1 litre bottles make it less intimidating. i keep a diary and write down when i have my packs and each bottle of water so i can see how it adds up at the end of the day

minimins for me is a must, i check in here several times a day. i check the inspiration slideshow and the arcade
i also check out websites for clothes i would like to wear at goal
and if you find times tough then paint your nails, call a friend, go for a walk, take a bath, anything until the feeling passes

before you know it you will be standing on those scales at your first weigh in, extatically happy and excited to see what the next one brings

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