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What will be different this time?


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Hi guys. I've just completed LL and RTM and am a bit worried to see how many people have to come back and do it more than once. I thought I'd try to learn from you... what made you need to try again? What lessons do you wish you'd learned first time round? What made you go back to old habits and put the weight back on?

Btw - not meaning in any way to be negative. I think it's brilliant that you've come back to LL. Am just really worried and hoping I won't have to do it twice!!
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Hi Spanglymum and WELL DONE! Your achievement is amazing. I'm back on LL again - for about the 4th time! The first time was successful - I lost 70lbs and I felt absolutely amazing - when I was dressed. I think part of the problem for me was that I focussed too much on the negative. I actually wanted to lose 100lbs but stopped after 70 because I felt that my skin was getting too loose and wobbly. I was focussing too much on how I looked rather than the health benefits. I was in a size 12/14 and BOY did I love shopping for new clothes. The negative thoughts, however, brought me down and, combined with a move abroad with my husband's job (I really, really didn't want to go and nor did he but it was that or redundancy) I allowed my emotional eating to take over. I should have read through my LL book. I should have spent time reading posts on here to motivate me. Should have, should have, should have!! Over the next year I was put on antidepressants (told you I didn't want to leave UK!) and then they were doubled when I was still very low. I ate and slept and not much more. The result is that I've gained 3 of the 5 stone I lost over the last 18 months. I've tried again twice to start and, as I'm so far away (my LLC supports me by e-mail now - she's FAB) I feel 'out of the link' and I allowed it to slip really easily. My daughter gets married in October and I really, REALLY want to lose that 3 stone (and more if poss) by then so I'm going to come on here every single day and get support from the lovely ladies on here.
I think everything we learn at LL is really useful but we should remember that our lives can change dramatically and that we may sometimes need to modify what we have learned in order to make sure that it keeps working for us.
Any tips that anyone can offer me as motivation to stay 'on the wagon' this time will be really, really welcome.
Thanks, everyone, and let's keep motivating each other.


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Hi Spangley,

Congratulations on your amazing weight loss - you have done the best thing and completed RTM too!!

I returned after gaining 12lbs, and decided to do something about it before it became a stone, and then another stone and so on...

I did really well maintaining for 6 months or so, then my relationship started to run into difficulties and I was hospital visiting my partner's mother for 8 weeks in January and February this year. We were having ready meals, with a bottle of wine each evening after getting back from the hospital. My gain was rapid, over two months and I felt I had lost control of my eating, food choices and had started using wine and puddings/cake as comfort food.

Life throws stuff at us all the time, good and bad. I have recognised how I can use that as an excuse not to put myself very high up the list of my priorities. I was so busy running around after my partner and his mum I forgot all about me.

We need to look after ourselves in order to be able to give freely to others. I forgot that for a while, but am busy focusing on me, my life, my health and fitness again now.

If anything like that comes up again I would like to hope I wont ignore my own needs again. However, if I do end up struggling again I know that if I catch myself soon enough I can get back on track again quickly and easily.

With the support of my LLC, two ladies from my old group and this forum I am back on track and lighter today than when I finished RTM last year.

I would like to lose another 10 lbs - which I know I can do if I stay focused.

Setting a limit or window of weight that you are happy to remain inside, but would not like to go above or below is a successful technique used by many maintainers.

Hi Karamac,
Moya, moya, moya, no problem drinking the water over there!
I lived in Jeddah years ago and the word moya still rings in my ears.
I'm sorry you put back a lot of the weight you lost. One thing's for sure, the loose skin can be covered up with clothes, but the fat always shows through.
I lost many stones, but I know I look much better now than I did before LL. The main thing is that I feel so much better and have loads of energy now.
I'm also having loads of fun spending all my money on clothes, shoes etc.
You wouldn't think so tonight though - just sitting here posting!
You've got plenty of time to lose the weight and feel great for your daughter's wedding. Think how proud you'll be of her and she'll be of you..............:love047:

You are so right. It's nearly always down to putting our own needs at the bottom of the pile and the emotional/psychological impact of life.
Just remember you are just as important as everyone else.
I love that avatar pic - I used to be able to do that - and knock people out if I turned round at a bus stop - no more !
Thank God and LL.


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S: 16st10lb C: 15st13lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.7%)
SB - Thank you for your kind words. Two weeks in, one stone gone. I'd forgotten what an AMAZING boost that fast weight loss is! Your inspirational words "One thing's for sure, the loose skin can be covered up with clothes, but the fat always shows through" are like a mantra to me now and, having lost the weight and then regained much of it, I KNOW that it's true. I AM in Riyadh, too - seemingly the world capital of plastic surgery! When I was speaking to the nurse at our medical centre about the loose skin problem he said 'so have it removed'. Just like that! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough, but I guess it's always an option if I was so unhappy with the way I look. My GP gave me another boost today, too. I have degenerative disc disease and he told me that the more weight I lose, the slower the degeneration will be. If THAT isn't a reason to lose the blubber, what on earth ever would be??

Spanglymum - how's it going?
I was just about to start a new thread based around this subject.

It is quite scary how many people need to come back, and do the whole programme all over again. (me included)

This is my third time back, and all the negative comments have already started to flood through. "Your not on that crazy liquid diet again are you?" and "You'll just put it all back on when you start eating again".

I hear these comments everyday, especially from my mates who always want me to come out and drink. Being one of the youngest members on this forum, it is very hard for me to not go out and have a drink, and socialise. I went out afew times last month (on water of course) - But you don't realise how bad people are when your the sober one! I often asked myself "Do I go on like this"? lol

76lb off so far and with my Holiday to Magaluf with my friends coming up at the end of June, I have to think positive, go away have a good time, not go over the top, but I do not plan to stick to any part of the programme.

I think the difference this time round is that I will go back, get weighed, deal with the consiquences and get back on track. I have realised this time doing the programme that it is a journey, and not a quick fix, yes you lose weight fast, but keeping it off is the hardest part of the whole thing. I didn't think like this last time, and I failed, and gained all of the weight back.

This holiday is just a small hurdle which I will deal with like an adult, and stay in control, where as last time I came back from my holiday, weighed myself, and thought "No way, Im not going back - Ive put on 7lb, Im ashamed....may aswell just eat healthy and exsercise"...

Thanks for listening to my confusing rant, I feel as though I have got many things off my chest (including afew inches)

If there are any people on this forum wh have done the programme once, and stuck to it, completed RTM and kept it off, or controlled in well - please speak up now to give me some tips....or has anybody been on the programme, and had to go on holiday, came off the programme and then went back...? If so, how did it go?

Cheers ;)
Hi Richy,
Good for you for coming back despite what people say. You know that LL does work.
Getting the weight off is relatively simple. If you are on low intake you will lose quickly. However, keeping the weight off is always the challenge.
It's not to do with LL or any other "diet".
Our LLC would say "if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got"!
Basically if you return to your previous life-style you will return to your previous weight.
It is possible to maintain the weight loss without denying yourself
treats. Unfortunately it's that boring old - moderation word.
If you know you've got a big occasion or night out or holiday, then
cut down for a few days before you go and get back on to it when you come home.
If you let it slip you'll be back to square 1.
Try not to think of denying yourself the things you like. Think of it as investing in a healthy life for your future.
You are very wise nipping it in the bud while you are young. I wasted many years being fat and fed up.
Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Thank you for that very strong advice, I will take it on board and follow those tips to change my life for the better. I have 2 holidays coming up this year. And I will return both times and get back on the plan. This is what Im going to do different this time round. Thanks again, I feel better :) x

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