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What would happen if I took two tablets by mistake?

I've had a SERIOUSLY long and terrible day today - I've not been home that long from work, one of our biggest clients are launching a new website on Monday and there's loads of images that need working on ready for it and I seem to be the only designer whose bothered?! I may have to go into work on Saturday even! Sorry for boring you all.

Luckily there was some left over low fat curry from the other night so I had that with a bit of rice when I got in but I think I might have took two tablets. One before my dinner and one after... I can't remember.

Will I have super bad side effects? :(

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I have no idea, never done it, but worried about doing it! I'm rubbish at remembering if i have taken it or not. I now rip the 3 tablet strip off and leave it next to the kettle. That way i have one at each meal and i can tell if i have missed one or not.

Fingers crossed you'll be ok.
I try and count them but I have 1 pack at work for my lunch, one in my handbag and one on the dining table so it's hard to keep track of them. Doh! I'm so silly.
Ah, I think you'll be alright Kelly. Obviously it wouldn't be good to do that all the time, but as a one-off, I think you'll be fine, especially as your meal was low fat anyway.
Sorry to hear about your day though - that does sound like a bit of a nightmare. I hope it gets done, so that you can have a proper weekend.
And don't worry about grumbling, if people were bothered by that, I would've been kicked off this forum long ago!

We're all here to support each other - and not just with the dieting, so moan away!
Thank you! :) Let's hope!

I've never had any side effects so I don't even know what to expect either. We'll soon see I guess. And yeah my meal was low fat and I had a small amount too so i might get away with it! :)

Well the worst that can happen is that your body will eliminate 60% of the fat you ate in that meal, rather than the normal 30% or so....
So if your meal was pretty small, and low fat anyway, the amound of fat coming out the other end (sorry if TMI :eek:) isn't going to be a lot, in amongst your other 'bodily waste'!
How was it Kelly? Did you get any side-effects from your double dose?
Hope you're OK,

I think I was okay!!! I perhaps went to the toilet a little more than usual but nothing terrible! Phew!! :D

Thank you xxx


Violet is shrinking
Always wondered that...

glad that youre ok :)