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what would you do? what are you doing?!


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Hi guys

hope everyone is well! Im having a really hungry day today from the moment i woke up. not going to cave though even endured a trip to pizza express with just a cd bar n a coffee while little one n oh gorged on well basically everything! :D

Any way seeing as i always tend to ramble on when i post on mins il cut straight to the point..... Im thinking about Christmas n the whole period... dont close the page its nothing to do with cards n prezzies n shopping lol :D

ok im roughly 2 months in reckon i have another 4 months ish to go so xmas really on my mind! i love the peace of mind of knowing what im gona have each day no real planning needed etc so what am i gonna do at xmas

what are u guys gona do?

heres what im thinking, theres a work do well two just before xmas and xmas day:eek: then new yrs eve n my b day at beggining of jan! I simply refuse to do as some m8s are telling me which is to have a day off for each of those occasions! im thinking of going out new yrs eve n having a drink seems unfair on oh if we both have to sacrifice the biggest social evening just coz of me:D plus i wnt to but booze needs carbs so where does it stop.:confused::confused:

how about xmas day... oh says just stick to cd 100% im only human! im thinking either stick to it... but can i?! or come off n have what i want as in some chocs n xmas dinner just for the one day but feel kinda guilty even considering it:cry: n other maybe best option is kinda come off cd but go carb free just for the day like atkins i guess. ooohhh i dont know n hate not knowing!
birthday well i guess it is tough cd will surely have to be restored by jan4th

n maybe just canx the work dos

hmmm have i rambled but ideas oppinions all welcome. anyone already gone through a xmas on cd?

help my confused little brain!


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Ive never done CD at Xmas....and never will!!!!

Not for me.

I love the diet.....but i love christmas more!!!!! its one day.

From experience 'personally' i can get straight back into SS after a break so its no sweat...others might find it harder though

Its very personal choice this.

I wont be drinking though (tee total)
Not any help here shell, because I too don't know what to do for Christmas. I have a trip to Geneva on 18th for 3 days, also now confirmed a weekend in Manchester week before (last year was very pleasant, eating lovely grub and mulled wine at the outdoor festive market)
Don't yet know what will happen work wise as I am in a new team and a newly merged employer, but it would certainly be a lunch.
Oh dear, decisions decisions, hopefully I will just take a day off on 25th and get back on the wagon on 26th, but hate the thought of returning into ketosis.
, but hate the thought of returning into ketosis.
... sarah.. when i came back from holiday in august... my return to ketosis was seamless.... seriously NOTHING like first time round...and ya know what, i think alot if it is in ya head lol i really do. I'll be doing the whole ketosis thing end of nov when i return from vegas but not bothered :D

Enjoy crimbo everyone :D


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I'm soooo not doing cd at xmas...it's my b'day inbetween xmas and new year so I plan to eat sensibly, not drink much, and as i'm going to folks at xmas, gonna walk there dog loads, and take me horse with me to work off any excess food :)...for 1 week of my journey i'll just have to know i'll have a gain that week or maybe I won't :) can't wait for xmas now lol x
LOL, dappy mare, I need to get on my poor horse too (its a much neglected I-JOY rider languishing in the lounge). If it was real, I'd very rightly be in trouble with the rspca for neglect.
It must be lovely to have a horse, not that I have ever done anything more than pony trekking once on a school holiday, but it was exhilarating from what I remember x
Have you thought about maybe doing a SS+ day? This is what im tempted to do. That way no cheats but you stiil get turkey and veg? If im wrong in saying this someone please correct me but if im right its a way to enjoy it without problems.
Hey, I too have been thinking about Christmas. I am going to NZ and know there will be lots of celebrating. I don't want to be depressed and grumpy because I can't eat and drink like everyone else during Christmas and New Years. I just know that as long as I am sensible, don't take it as a 'day off' but a 'maintaining day' I will be fine. I find that with diets in the past, once I think of it as a 'day off' I go overboard and that's why many of us put the majority of the weight back on. We don't maintain once we achieve goal! Just think of the festive season as a trial period of maintaining! I hope this helps. xxx


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I am totally eating a christmas dinner, all three courses. I think if you plan for an event it is different to succumbing to temptation and having a random binge. If I have managed to lose 5 or 6 stone by Christmas I deserve a christmas dinner. Saying that I am having a prawn starter, the meat and veg (no potatoes, stuffing etc) and the christmas pudding, so I don't think that is too bad (we'll ignore the christmas pudding), and will still have my shakes for the other meals. How sad am I that I know exactly what I am eating on a day 2 months from now.

I regularly have meals out for social events, and so long as I am careful in my choices it has never had major effects. You don't need to have a day off, just incorporate a meal into your day, have your 3 shakes and then select something as low in carbs as you can. I also find that if occasionally I have come out of ketosis, I don't really notice, it is not like at the beginning where I had major cravings until I hit ketosis. If it wasn't that I used a ketostix I never would have noticed a difference.

Anyway, hope you make your decisions. But it is not failure to treat yourself to a meal on Christmas day, and at the end of the day reflect on what you would have eaten the year before and I bet you will end up quite impressed with your restraint.
Im having Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing Day off then back on it, I love Christmas too much to neglect it haha

I intend to have started up the plans by christmas! If it all doesnt go to plan im having christams eve/day and boxing day off! I feel like i will have deserved a well earned treat, I know from last year that i didnt have any issues getting back on track. The thought of just having my packs on christmas day is just too much to take!!

I will have been doing SS for 4 months by xmas and I am NOT going to sabotage my progress for pigging out for one day.
To make the day special I am going to go onto SS+ and have some turkey and some veg which I am sure I will enjoy. I know that seeing the weight loss at the end of the week will make me much happier than stuffing food on xmas day. And I will be at goal quicker and able to enjoy xmas dinner next year.
New Year's Eve I will be partying with friends as usual but I am going to do SS+ and not drink. I am sure I can still laugh with my friends and dance and have fun without the alcohol.
The reward of seeing my body shrinking is much better than a few xmas chocs!
Good for u alexice!!! U must have sooooooo much willpower!! I just know that i cudnt just sit with my shake whilst everyone around me is getting stuck rite in!!! Im hoping that i may be near my goal by that point and have started working up the plan by then,:)

Jules - I have such a long way to go - I'm going to be doing this til next summer. I can't let myself go off course. I am so happy with this diet and not finding it difficult and I need to keep it that way. I really like the soups - I don't feel hungry very often at all. I am just telling myself that xmas is no big deal and I can do xmas dinner next year and one xmas dinner less in my life is no hardship!
:) I am going to become a skinny minnie and enjoy mentally sticking my tongue out at all those who think I can't do it!
We are round the same to lose give a take 20lb so looks like we will be helping each other for a while:p Your decision to not do Christmas is amazing, kudos to you hun xx
Hats off to all you who intend to stick with the plan over chrimbo! I have total admiration. Just think next year when u lot are all skinny minnys u will feel fantastic!!!

Totally agree Jules, heres to skinny us next year:party0011:
Im not completely decided but i think i will be having a couple of days of over the christmas period or at least do SS+ and just have christmas day ( i want roast potatoes SORRY) and new years (i want a drink)
well guys
thanks for all the responses. im already doing ss+ and have been from day 1. ive given myself a bit of a talking to really.... so heres the plan

2 x work do's - im simply not going lol. 1 is in working time so il man the fort as they say. the other ive already for but a sit down meal and disco n bar..... hmmm no way il gift my ticket to someone perhaps like a secret santa lol.

xmas ve normal cd day im always bisy preping for lil ones big day :)

xmas day kinda stick to ss + no chocs (though i was looking forward to em i gota get real) dont know if its dinner at my mums as usual or booking carvery but either way its ging to be meat veg and gravy for me! im not weighing the meat or veg like you should no n im prob having more than i should of that but thats where it stops! and the gravy is naughty i dont know how naughty though are there carbs in it? surely not!

boxing day as normal! cd day

new years eve.... drum roll please..... im treating myself to a new dress for being so good at xmas teee heee and having a healthy meal with carbs!!! (apparantly carbs are needed with alcohol) n im gona go out n have a few drinks too!! hopefully not enough to create a hangover... not many then

birthday.... normal cd day maybe plan something that doesnt mean eating or drinking ie theatre or something :)

woo i feel so decisive and in controll now ive put all that down!!!

thanks guys to be honnest it was only all the diff ideas n oppinions that this second brought me to my decision

you just know everyone will be trying to tempt me on xmas day!! but oh is total opposite strict as can be lol (goog 4 me really) n he will be there to refuse for me lol n thankfully i hate xmas pudding n mince pies eeewww i usually go for the biscuits n hot choc at this point lol

good luck guys though we have a while to go yet


week 1 = 8lb
week 2&3 = 8lb
week 4 = 2lb
week 5&6 = 9lb
week 7 = 4lb
starting weight 244lb
target weight 147lb
losses to date 30lb
still to loose 67lb