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What would you do?


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do about my numerous Christmas Parties/do's this weekend, I have my works do on Thursday, I posted a thread yesterday and we worked out that the meal alone will be a whopping 68 syns!!! :cry: That is without any alcohol and as it is my only official "do" I will be drinking!!

On Friday I am out with hubby & his workmates for a chinese for someone's birthday & then out for drinks afterwards and on Saturday we have 2 parties to go to.

My question is, would you have the weekend off, i.e follow the plan up to Thursday Teatime and then back on it on Sunday or would you just try & count all the syns & have a "bad weekend"?

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I think you should take a weekend off and accept the consequences...no matter how well you do, you have to understand that we will always have times in our lives when we can't be 100% committed to the SW diet/healthy eating plan.

It will have an impact, but by being good on the other days, you minimise the risk of it being too extreme.

Good luck! x
id suggest you get planning, its all well and good to have a weekend off, but if you dont work out how to tackle weekends whilst staying on plan and working around difficult meals etc, you wont learn for the long term.

i suggest you plan some superfree healthy and sustainable meals to keep you full etc to avoid over eating, eat what you want when it comes to the meals, but i personally like to weigh up my options, if im having whatever i want, then i'd drink and eat too, but if im trying to enjoy myself but damage control, i'd give up whats less important, such as.. id rather a dessert than alchole..but as you plan to have both at xmas meal, i suggest u dont have any drink after the chinese, and have a look at whats the best syn-wise option for the chinese meal itself.

obviously you'l more than likley gain, but its down to you how you wanna tackle it.. personally i'd have very few syns during the week also, and would be eating lots of fresh fruit and veg and water. xx


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
I think I will have the weekend off so to speak but still try and eat as many superfree foods as possible so that I limit my gain (If I get into the mindset that I WILL gain next week I won't be too shocked!!)

Thanks for your replies
I had a Christmas do on Saturday and planned it completely. It came to 58 syns, which I planned in advance and had as flexible. I stuck to plan the rest of the week and lost 2lb yesterday.

You can do this without going 'off'. I think it is damaging to see SW this way- this is a long term lifestyle choice, not a quick fix diet. The more you see your days as 'off' or 'on' the less likely you are to accept this change is for good and therefore keep the weight off.

Good luck in whatever you decide

Eat superspeed/speed foods for the rest of the week but have your weekend off enjoy every last mouthful, savour each sip and get back on plan on Monday - this is a lifestyle change not a diet so don't treat it like one! - Weekends and social occasions are going to come up - enjoy them just balance it out by being good the rest of the week and maybe add a bit of exerise in - ENJOY :)

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