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What would you do?


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Today and yesterday have been really stressful bad days for me, and this evening i am soooooo stressed and pissed off.
I have used 11 syns today on a wispa but i really feel like i need a drink to calm me down before i throttle OH.
I normally try to stick to 11ish syns and yesterday i maxed my syns out.

Now today do i have one vodka with diet lemonade or do i just try to ride it out?
I do plan to go on wiifit aswell but argh i can feel my bp really high.
What to do. I really dont wanna ruin my diet...
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Having a drink to take you to about max syns won't 'ruin your diet' so don't worry about it. If you feel the need and think you'll feel better for it then you can do it guilt free. 15 syns are allowed, you stick to less normally but having the extra 4 or so for a vodka will make no difference to the scales. In calories that's less than 100, a long way off even half a lb.:)


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Hiya hun sounds like your having a tough time. Is there anything you can distract yourself with, or someone you can phone. Perhaps just go tell your OH that he's stressing you out and that you are on the verge of blowing your diet and you really don't want to!

I would try and hold out.... ride the storm..... go have a bath or read a book or pop in to see your neighbour. Talk to someone about it before you do it cos sometimes it helps to diffuse your feelings. Try and imagine how bad you will feel after...... if all that fails...... then have the drink but have it really really slowly and enjoy every sip and savour the taste so you enjoy it and then it wont feel like wasted syns.

At the end of the day hun sometimes life gets in the way and poo happens. It's not the end of the world, all is not lost cos you can start a fresh tomorrow! xx
Think about how tipsy one vodka and lemonade will make you.
If it won't do anything to affect your mood, you'll probably want more to make it do so.
Also... does alcohol make you hungry/want to binge?


Is so doing it this time
Well in that case if you give in HE'S WON don't you go letting him do that to you. You're worth fighting for and he's totally not worth ruining your day over. Blow him you get into that TV and you'll soon forget it..... you'll feel so proud of your self tomorrow hun. Think about the slim and sexy new you that's waiting to emerge don't let him hold her back ;) have a lovely evening xx
hiya! im on my first week as a restart, and sounds like uve had the same kind of day as me! I told my OH to go out as he was stressing me right out and i felt like eating the entire contents of my kitchen! ( which did not want to do as been 100% this wk!!) so now he has gone out with his mate for a drink (and a good think hopefully! lol!) and i made myself a good free dinner and now feel much more relaxed! have that drink if you need it! sometimes it def helps!! :) xx


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One vodka won't do any damage, you'll still be within your syns. It's nice to chill with a drink on the weekend :D

But have it because you want to enjoy it as part of your relaxing evening................not because of him, that way he's won nothing! ;) :D

I'm going to use a few syns on vodka myself right now! :D

Cheers xxx


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Well right now i feel great as instead of grabbing a fix i got on my wiifit and boxed the hell out of that and did other stuff and i feel better for it.
I will not let him ruin my diet. This is about me, its the only thing i do for me and i will not give in.

Ok so its still early evening but i will not cave in, i want to feel slim again and i WILL do it.
Well done! Wii fit boxing is great for relieving stress :)
:sigh:Dont beat urself up about ti , Just have it that way it out of the way then right back on plan the next day , Its when u start to deprive urself thats when u start to slip. So just say hey have had ma we drink so what we are only human and life gets to all of us sometimes just rember ur not alone so enjoy xxx

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