What would you do????


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Hello to everyone,

Tomorrow I am going on a weeks holiday with my girls and one of my very best friends and her 3 children to Spain!! Yipeeeee!!

I am trying very hard to feel like yipeee!! BUT I only started management and am on week2 at the moment.
At the moment I'm feeling really good about myself and have even bought size 12 swimming costumes from primark and size 10/12 pajamas!! God.... there was a time, not long ago, that the size 16/18 would not get passed my thighs!!

My friend has been really supportive from the days leading to my lighterlife adventure and beyond. I am taking all my menu books ect with me and she is keen to stick to the great menus/reciepes. BUT.... BUT I would love to have the odd glass of sangria or wine. In the bible books it says that alcohol can not be introduced until week 5!!

I do not know what to do?? I should feel really happy about where I am at the moment but I don't. I feel really stressed!!
My LLC is worried and has asked to see me tomorrow.
Any advice or words of wisdom would be very much appreciated!!
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Hi Tracy

I went on holiday in the early days of maintenance last year. I had 2 shakes a day then a healthy protein only meal in the evening - but also copious amounts of wine!! I didn't feel deprived and i think i put on 2lbs over the week...

Have a lovely time!


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if it were me..... presumably you will be out of ketosis? not sure how management works, but I've heard alcohol when in ketosis can make you really ill.

If I knew I was out of ketosis I think I would allow myself a little, just limit it to a certain pre planned amount.

You've done so well i can't see how a little of what you fancy can do any harm, the danger is having a lot of what you fancy lol, Idon't believe you have come this far to throw it away. I would think you are going to be very careful so its ok to allow yourself a little.

I would anyway

but I've as yet no management experience so I may not be the right person to reply.

Hope you have a great holiday, I'm jealous!



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you worked so so so sooo hard...don't ruin it!