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what would you like SW to introduce

I would like Slimming World to clarify its terminology, and rename Superfree, Speed and Superspeed.

I don't have any problems understanding what the difference is, but it is clear that lots of people do, and it is silly to have a situation which is so potentially confusing.


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I think a calculator is a really good idea, I can't count how many times I've bought something that SEEMS it should be low syned and found it's astronomical.

I'd like to see a SW range of foods with syns on the packs, like WW do. Maybe some low syn snacks, or bread/rolls etc.


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All I want is an iPhone app so I can log my food diary, check syns and HEXs on the go!


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an app for the Blackberry would be good :) a calculator would be a fantastic idea and definitely what avisk suggested that would make a lot more sense
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An app for android phones would be great.
I actually would hate it if they brought out ready meals. The whole point of the plan is to be free in your choices and ready meals just seem to be the anti-thesis of that.

I would however be eternally grateful for the iphone app.


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I would like a newer range of Hi Fi bars, like 5 new flavours.. erm as someone has just said a range of SW food in the shops, I know they have the tuna thing with Princes but it's disgusting LOL... I think they should make their own cereal too :D
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I'd second a Blackberry app. And the SW food range - cereals, bars, cakes etc.

And I wish the magazine would come out monthly!



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Much as I love SW, because it really changed my life, I would be very unhappy if they produced their own food range similar to WW. With SW their primary business is the slimming groups and I feel there is too much potential for conflict of interest if they were also to be concerned about profiting from a food range. If this were to ever happen I would seriously have to consider whether I would continue going to classes and that is coming from me as target member of nine years.


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Much as I love SW, because it really changed my life, I would be very unhappy if they produced their own food range similar to WW. With SW their primary business is the slimming groups and I feel there is too much potential for conflict of interest if they were also to be concerned about profiting from a food range.
Totally agree with you Circes, but from a different perspective - for me SW is really about encouraging people to go back to cooking proper meals from scratch with proper ingredients, so I'd see a range of ready meals as contradicting that message. There's already more than enough processed convenience food out there, it'd be a real shame if SW joined in with that, IMHO.

The one thing I'd really like to see them do is get rid of this rule that fruit has to be synned if you blend it. It was a real bug-bear for me when I was doing the plan, because I don't really like most fruit in the 'whole' state - the only way I could enjoy it was as a smoothie, and I resented having to syn those so I didn't bother after about a month. I find it really, really bizarre that you have to syn blended fruit, but processed things like Pasta and Sauce, Mugshots etc are free! A lot of people will think 'ok then, I won't have the fruit if I have to syn it, I'll just have the packet stuff', which again seems to contradict the 'healthy eating' message of the plan.


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I would like the choice of having an avocado as a healthy b. It is one of the most nutritious foods you can get and is far healthier than cereal bars which are packed with sugar, glucose syrup,salt, butter fat,sweetened condensed milk, fatty acids to name but a few. If they allow olive oil as a healthy b why can't they allow an avocado?
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I would love an app! A calculator would be very handy, but I don't know whether it would be too complicated-we have Hex's, free foods, & different day plans to think about. Maybe it is possible, but I'm not sure. Really would be very helpful tho! The amount of times I haven't bought something because I wasn't sure of the syns!
An improved website for all. Not two individual sites with different stuff, whether you are a group member or an online member, information available should be the same.

The syns calculator needs revising, and a recipe builder would be good, that allows you to select all foods in a recipe and then gives you the total syns, HEa's in it per serving etc. A more extensive food list would be good too, especially for overseas members.

There is so much more they could do with their site to be honest, it is seriously lacking and not worth what they charge.
I also agree that they should not start doing ready meals etc. As that will just move away from what slimming world is trying to promote i.e. healthy eating.

I also think it is silly that pureed and cooked fruit is synned, but stuff like savoury rices are free (I mean have you looked at the nutritional information for one, it is unreal). But at the same time I do understand why pureed/cooked fruit is not free, because you could eat heaps more fruit, cooked or pureed that what you could in it's full form and you are not having to bite or chew, which again takes away the keeping you fuller for longer.

I often wonder if Slimming World have shares in Bachelors lol.
i def think a syn calculator would be great idea as sometimes ive not got access to comp when im away so can check what syn values are x


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re the ready meals etc, SW dont have them as they couldnt get a company to take them on our C said

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