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What would you like to be this time next week?


Staying on plan!
my weekly goal is always to stick to diet 100% and have "a" loss .....
aything else is a bonus lol
I would like to be spain!!!! I will be lolxx Next week if my jeans are more comfortable I will be happy!


Serial Dieter!
This time next week I will be on day 10, of SS 100%

and I will be at least 6lb lighter than I was on Tuesday!

Anything more will delight me!


is going to loose!
I would also like to be not obsessing as much about my diet.



Please kick my butt!!
I would like to be mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............
Sat in the sun sipping a sparkling water in a pub beer garden. instead of listening to everyone at work winge about the soddin rain. xoxox
I would like to be rich......won millions on the lottery......be in italy with a glass of red wine and a gorgoeus Italian man sitting beside me.......... dream.

Would like to lose a few pounds as well LOL

Rosie xx


Serial Dieter!
I would also like to be not obsessing as much about my diet.

Hmmm..... I find that the obsessing part of SS'ing is essential for me! I became obsessed the first time I did it and ended up posting and posting and posting on forums... first the Discovery site, and then your old 'pink' site. Now I'm back on the wagon, and I'm finding myself, obsessing and posting again. TBH if I'm not obsessing and posting on a CD forum, it means that I'm not doing it 100%!!!
Some people can do this and it doesn't take up most of their thinking time, but I've found that I have to be able to concentrate on this and and little else, especially at the beginning, in order to be successful.
It might be because I still feel hungry quite a bit (even though I'm in ketosis :() and this is my way of coping!!!
well 4 days ago when i replied i said 5lbs lighter...
i am already 3lbs lighter.
so 3 days to lose another 2lbs.
fingers crossed!!!


Gold Member
I would be chuffed to be 2lbs lighter. Even 1lb, as long as it's in the right direction I will feel like I'm making progress.


is going to loose!
Well the skirts are still tight. You know sometimes you buy something and thing oh when i reach this weight (4lbs lighter) it will fit. Then you get to that weight and retry it on and think actually it fits but it's still I think too tight to wear out! It's amazing how we become more critical as we shrink in size!

Barb yes 2lbs would be great so long as it's a loss hehe!!

This time next week I would like to be 4lbs lighter.

This time next week I would like to be warm lol


Serial Dieter!
My aim for this time next week....

I'd like to be in the next 'stone zone'!! 6.5lb to lose on week 2... it might just happen. ;)

I'd would also like to have a job!!! Not really very likely but a girl can hope can't she!

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