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what you eating today?

B: cereal bar, fruit, yoghurt
L: Couscous, roasted veggies, feta & black olives
D: Roast chicken, sw wedges, grilled courgettes

S: fruit

Well I am having a bad day today, so I think this thread may help.

I have had a bowl of porridge for breakfast,

1 Tin Bake Beans and 1 tin of Mushy Peas....... told you I was having a bad day.:p

Now boiling a big pot of pasta, not sure what to have with it but will try and make it free.
First day back on track for me.. :)

Breakfast: 2x bread HEB & 2 'fried' eggs

Snack: 2 fresh figs

Lunch: Boiled rice & Asda chickpea dhal

Dinner: Homemade chicken curry & rice - love EE!! ;)
2 weetabix
250ml semi skimmed milk
Mullerlite yoghurt
Asda cheese curl crips 3.5
Home made beef stew
so far today I have had: -
hifi bar (had to rush out so no time for proper brekkie)
sw chips, peas and tesco meat free burgers (1/2 syn each on green)
Mullerlight yoghurt
Nestle Fab (4 syns)

Will probably have a salad later, maybe some soup and more fruit
So far I have had:
Oh So Simple (HEXB) and skimmed milk (HEXA)
Muller Light
5 Extra Low Fat Laughing Cow Triangles (HEXA) wrapped in Tesco honey roast ham.

Tonight I will be having:
Dusted River Cobler (7 syns) and SW chips (HEXB)

Yum :D
so far today I have had

strawberries, raspberries, banana and fat free yog for breakfast
a latte (healthy a) for a snack
jacket pot beans mushrooms and med fat soft cheese (healthy B)

dinner will be
quorn cottage pie (free)
gravy 1.5 syns

I will need to have another healthy B and 8.5 syns as well :)
For today its:

Breakfast: Grapes, FF Yogart, Apple
Lunch: 2 toast (heb) and beans, Banana
Dinner: Spagetti Bolognaise made with extra lean steak mince (heb), onions, cellery, carrotts, peppers, chopped tomatoes and fresh tomatoes with motzarella melted on top (hea)
Snacks: Apple, mini dairy milk bar 5.5syns and hot chocolate made with milk (HEa) 2syns
B: 2 sesame ryvitas with laughing cow light, a bit of pesto and sliced cherry tomatoes
L: Mugshot and shape yoghurt
D: Homemade sausage casserole (chopped potato, carrots, onions, Bowyers 97% fat free sausage, tin of beans and 1/2 pint bovril)

S: Apple and may have curly wurly later
Breakfast - melon & muller light
Snack - alpen light bar
Lunch - mushroom risotto, cheese (HE) & 2 meat free burgers (i do eat some random combos!)
Snack - muller light layer yog
Dinner - Plan to have egg on toast
Snack/Dessert...not sure yet...probably anothet alpen light bar & fruit


I ♥ Slimming World :)
B: 2xWeetabix (HEb), 350ml skimmed milk (HEa) (part on cereal, rest drank), splenda
L: lunchbox full of scrummy Batchelors savoury rice and 2 x boiled eggs
D: will be Spaghetti Bolognaise (xtra lean mince HEb and syns too, Dolmio synned, spaghetti/mushroom/onion all free)

not snacked yet, but I have Mullerlights, bananas, apples, grapes to choose from :)

Good luck all
I've had:

Breakfast - 2 alpen light bars (HEB)
Clementine and some strawberries

Lunch - Toast - 2 slices of WW wholemeal bread (HEB) with Flora light (1 syn) and a banana

Dinner - Batchelors pasta in sauce (chicken and mushroom) with salad and a small jacket potato
Strawberries and a muller light yoghurt
An apple

3 cups of tea using 350ml skimmed milk (HEA) , two and a half rich tea finger biscuits (2.5 syns) - the dog had half ha
Hartleys low calorie jelly pot (0.5 syns),
pint of water

4 syns in total, not bad! :)

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