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    Cambridge Diet but moving to Slim and Save
    I think I know the answer to this question but I just wanted to run it past you guys. I've now lost 50lbs yay :D and have gone down from size 16 to 12. I had a wonderful Sunday clearing out my wardrobe and making lots and lots of room for all the lovely new clothes that my DH promised me....... but what should I do about all the lovely, and expensive size 16's that don't fit anymore? There are loads of expensive work suits too. I know that I should get rid as they will NEVER fit me again...... BUT ......... I said this 5 years ago when I was in exactly the same position. I got rid of all the "big" stuff determined that I would never need it again and then regretted it as I put weight back on again. I'm thinking that if I bag it up and put it in the loft the fact that I know it's there might help me psychologically (does anyone know where I'm coming from here or am I just mad?) I just think that if I know all the big stuff is up there I'll be more determined than ever not to ever, ever go up and get it. Am I a nutter? I had thought of sending it to charity shop (I still might) or sell it on ebay (I know I won't because I can't be bothered. Anyway sorry to go on.... what do you do with your "big" stuff??:confused:

    cheers everyone

    Jan xx
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    slim and save
    Ive done the same in the past,I sorted out a load of my stuff today and it is going in the loft until I have got down to where I want to be and maintained for at least a year hope that may help.
    Congrats on the weight loss absolutely fab xx
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    Diet, what diet?
    congrats on your weight loss
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    i sold most of my stuff on ebay, some to a charity shop and binned the rest!
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    I have piles in the back of the wardrobe of clothes 1-2 sizes too big - anthing bigger went the the charity shop or to people who they would fit! I did keep one item of my biggest size just to show how much I lost - get rid of it!!!!
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    Metabolic Balance Plan
    Hi Jan -

    Wow you are an inspiration. I had 50lbs to lose intially.. I am nearly half way there and I have moved from a 16 to 12ish. I have a load of expensive work suits and I have bagged them up and put them in the loft. I never intend to wear them again. . so I will keep them for about a year.
  9. Channy35

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    I'm one my way to a size 16 and need suits for work, if you're selling them I could be interested. Would you personally send me a message for us to discuss further.

    Thanks :)
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