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:) Whats Best for me?

Good morning everyone!

I'm kinda struggling to stick to a diet that I enjoy and keep my mind in! I cant seem to last longer than a week on 1 diet then ill flip to another. Not so much a branded diet but ones I think will help like cutting out crap and exercising or low calories or no carbs, sometimes WW but just by having WW meals with my busy work load.

Do any of you have a suggestion of a branded diet that will keep my head in it?

I have a busy job so gotta go by a diet that will be easy for me to do and keep in my bag or in the fridge at work?

Normally no one rights back to me so this time please help guys!! J J J
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Slimming down the aisle
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To be honest, I would suggest rather than doing a branded diet, just count your calories and do some exercise. That way you get to eat the things that you like rather than just the things that are in that diet plan. You've said you're busy, so if you plan out each day the night before or even the whole week it'll be much easier for you because you'll know what you're having and you'll be more likely to stick to it. Personally I would avoid WW meals and any other pre-prepared meals. Yes they're nice and easy and quick for you but to be honest, they're not very good for you. They're completely processed and so not really all that healthy. It doesn't have to take long to cook, stir fry takes just 5-10 minutes!

Calorie counting doesn't have to be hard, use myfitnesspal.com to track all of your calories and exercise. They'll calculate the calories that you need or you can use the links below.

Work out your BMI here: Calculate Your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator

Work out your BMR here: BMR Calculator (If you don't know, BMR means Basal Metabolic Rate, basically that's how many calories your body burns if you do nothing all day, just through being)

Work out your activity level here : Harris Benedict Equation (This takes your BMR which is what you'd burn if you did nothing all day and takes into consideration how active you are and gives you an estimation of your daily calorie burn, the more active you are the more you'll burn obviously)

Each 1/b is worth 3500 calories, that's 500 calories a day. So to lose 1lb a week, take off 500 calories each day. To lose 2lbs a week, take of 1000 calories a day. I wouldn't recommend taking off more than 1000 a day and definitely don't go below 1200.

Hope that helps!
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I'd take a look at some of the food diaries on here, and see if you feel you could honestly fit that into your life.

You also need to consider if you want a quick fix or something you can do longterm to achieve the loss you are looking for.

I agree with Caroline, WW meals are ok but not suitable on a regular basis.


Put the kettle on
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I think you need to have a long and honest think about what makes you go off track on a diet. Is there a particular time you go off track, or is it down to missing certain foods, or expectations about your losses. Honestly i have been chopping between diets for a while, and it was down to always going awol on weekends cos i wanted a treat. Ive come. To realise no matter what diet i pick i cannot have what i was having every weekend and lose weight. Since ive accepted this ive found it so much easier just to eat healthier and cut out the crap at weekends.

What im trying to say is that if there are certain barriers in place no matter which diet you choose it will be difficult to stick to. Personally im now favouring three healthy meals cutting out rubbish and exercise x

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