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What's better lipotrim or the cambridge diet

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Cambridge of course lol. I've never done Lipotrim so can't compare but CD definitly works and I'd recommend it to anyone!!


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Over the years I tried them all, Cambridge for me is the best one by far, my MAIN reason is sometime you go off some flavours( I did) with cambridge you have the ability to carry on because there are so many flavours you can swap between them, this in my eyes is an very important factor and one that kept me going doing this diet. Like the others said you will only hear one side of it though as we are all on Cambridge, good luck with your weight loss whichever plan you choose :D


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I haven't got any personal experience of lipotrim, but my neighbour has tried it and said that the range is very limited and she didn't like the shakes...

I love this diet, as the previous person said - there is a wide range of products and that really helps.


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I have to say Cambridge wins hands down with me
I did Lipotrim before thsi & struggled liek mad (it was my second attempt & first time was ok but restart was a nightmare)
Cambridge has far more flavours (I dont liek many but at least 4 of them whereas Lipo I could only tolerate 1)
A couple of the bars are really nice & definately like chocolate :)
You can make mousse which is like mousse not summat ya gag on & you can also buy water flavourings & make jelly with em
All in All much much better, well for me anyway

Good luck hun
I've done both lipo and i'm on CD at the moment, honestly lipotrim is very limited in terms of flavours etc, and CD has so much variety which has kept me going and I'm loving the added chocolate peanut bars and the fact that shakes are in cartons so I can take em to work too, definitely CD, I am 'CD convert' lol, I converted to CD 3 wks ago!
hope this helps.


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I have to agree with everyone here. I did Lipotrim and although I did lose alot of weight doing it I did find it very limiting. Cambridge has so many more tasty shakes and bars. It's also a little cheaper than Lipotrim, at least it is here in Ireland. Also I find my CDC is so much more helpful than the pharmacist, I can ring her all of the time, she texts me to see how I'm doing and we can just chat. With the pharmacy I found you went in, got weighed, bought your products and left. Having a CDC is so much more worth it, IMO.
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I switched from LT to CD 2 weeks ago... i am definately enjoying CD more due to the better choice in flavours. Its more convienient as it was taking me over an hour to get to pharmacy but my CDC comes to me and it works out cheaper as no travelling cost... :)


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Varies but if you are under 5'8" and a woman it should work out less than £40 per week for 3 packs a day... Each consultant has their own charges so you'd need to find one near you on the website and email/call her


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