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*Whats Everyone Making For THE Party?*

Jaylou i love the sound of that.

Babs, I think i am going to a make a cous cous cake and try the lemon cake. Usually my group tends to bring a lot of savoury so i am going to bring something different. I made a chocolate chickpea cake last time and that went down really well.

Kate xx


mines a skimmed latte
how do you do your sherry trifle then chick?? any new tricks?
I've made homemade salsa and a kind of sour cream dip for the buffet tonight. All syn free - yay!
Hey I'm making a few things ...probably meatballs with a garlic dip, maybe a cheesecake, a meatloaf and a curry...just need to make them before wednesday to make sure they taste alright :-D
how do you do your sherry trifle then chick?? any new tricks?
It's mixed fruit in the bottom then sugar free jelly with 2 whole tablespoons sherry (we'll all be drunk!). When it's set, top with a 500g pot low fat custard and on top of that add the "cream" which is quark and fromage frais whisked together with sweetener. Finished off with sliced strawberries and some chocolate sprinkles.

I think it should be okay!


Not such a fat kat now :)
Im taking my lemon chicken and also going to try the lemon cake that was on here last week, it looked delicious


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I've spent tonight making the bases for my mini pizza's so that all I have to do tomorrow is top them and stick them in the oven for a couple of minutes before class- 1.5 syns each and good finger food. Also after seeing Donnie's post about making pastry from smash I've got a couple of cupcakes in the oven and if they work I might make some tarts using the smash pasty filled with white chocolate cream (Greek 0% yogurt mixed with white choc options sachet) and topped with berries.
I was my party Tues night. I made a big bowl of cous cous with veggies etc. I have to say it was yummy ( and was all eaten). I was a bit disappointed as there was only about 7 dishes made for a very large class!


I see the light!

Not long joined on here and not been at slimming world long, but our party was Wednesday, I made the tuna and sweetcorn fritters from the slimming world website with the salsa. Also made the pasta tortillas with minty cucumber yog dip. All went down well, it also bought up the pasta syn debate too. Am enjoying it all and for my 3rd time at slimming world the party was a good way of chatting and laughing with everyone.

Helen x


wants a body to love!
Our consultant was at her daughters wedding last week so we our having our party tommorrow. This is what im taking:

Cant wait.... hope you all had fun!!

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