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whats everyone up to today?


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Im off work now until monday - yippee!!! I work mon,tue,wed this week giving me a nice break!

Builders are coming about 830am to start on the conservatory which is good but Im unsure on the amount of mess and upheavel it will be - anyone had one done before?

Im also going shopping, ironing etc etc followed by weigh in at 530pm :cross:, Ive been good so hoping for a 2lb loss!!!

Have a great day everyone whatever you're all up to! x
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It's my birthday!!!!!! Feeling very emotional today, my life had changed so much in a whole year, 3st, 5.5lbs down since my last birthday I'm just amazed :)

Off to work I go, going spinning/gym tonight then home to cook dinner, and getting my hair done tonight ready for celebrations for the weekend :)

Have a happy 14th July everyone x
Hi, it's my birthday to!:D 49 today!! The sun is shining:character00238:
I didn't achieve my mini goal :cry: of 14. 7 but I can fit in to my size 16 new jeans and top bought specially for today:D
Off to the Albert Dock[Liverpool] for lunch,and am going to treat myself to some new Nike training kit because I can now fit into them comfortably:bliss:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you!!!!!

Today, I have booked the day off work. I may go on a bike ride later then make a start on seeing what I have got/ what I need for my holidays.

Also, need to wash my car and do a few other jobs around the house.

Hope everyone has a good day x
Im going to go out on my bike today, cant remember the last time i rode it! Trying to do different things this week in hopes it might give me a weight loss boost
Day off for me too!! Happy Birthday to the two Birthday Girls - hope you both have a fabulous day!!
Going to spend some time being a domestic goddess and make my house sparkle!!! Then out for tea with friends tonight - am thinking steak and salad!!!
Happy Birthday to the two birthday girls :candle1:

I'm back to work today after a 2 day public holiday here in Northern Ireland. Wasn't much fun when the alarm went off at 05:55 :cry:

Weigh in tonight and I'm hoping to have lost the 1.5lbs I put on last week :eek:
Thanks for the birthday wishes, had a lovely day despite the restraunt kitchen having a small fire:eek: so did not get my meal!!! maybe that was divine intervention!
Back to join a class tomorrow.
Have a nice day
Having a bbq even if it rains, its raining here now in liverpool will cook indoors on the George Forman,and bounce on the bouncy castle in the rain!!!


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It's my mum's birthday and I'm supposed to be meeting her in town for pressie buying and taking her to the hairdressers. Been looking forward to it. BUT. Poor old cat seems to have developed a really poorly tooth / mouth (can't get a look at it without him getting angry) so need to get him to a vet. Been up since 7.30 trying to kill time while I wait for the vets to open at half nine so I can call for an appointment (I hope). Poor cat - he's such a doddery old thing as well. I'm a bit scared taking him to the vets.
WE are having a major clear out of the bedrooms upstairs and stripping the wallpaper in our room to decorate. We moved in 7 years ago and we just painted in cream. We've worked our way through the house, the builders have gone, conservatory will be finished on thursday so our room is getting done now.

Cant believe how much stuff we have, its unbelievable!! x

Have a great day everyone. If you dont hear from me in a few days Im lost under all the acumulated junk in my house lol! x
WelshCake said:
Going to pop into town will get loads of bargains off the market around 1pm when they do the "knocking out" if I spend £12 I struggle to carry it to the bus which is just yards away, 3 pineapples for a quid, 3 melons £1, 3 kilos toms £1, 3 cues £1, 5 kilos spuds £1 etc etc etc :D
Wow what bargains!!

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wow welshcake thats some bargains!!

Wish we had a market near us, I have to go to ASDA which although is cheapish depending on whats offer, the quality isnt amazing. I normally spend around £30 per week on my fruit and veg x


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I didn't go to the market but went to the local Asian supermarket with outside stalls too for £16.07 I got
2 caulis
3 pineapple's
3 iceburgs
3 cues
5 huge bunches coriander
2 galia melons
2 cantaloupe melons
4 of the large ff natural yog
2 x 3k red spuds
3 tins toms
2 punnets cherry toms
5 lrg oranges
~~~~~~~~~All the above were priced £1~~~~~~~~
3 garlic bulbs
8 large vine toms
5 small chillies
6 bananas
8 clementines
4 pink lady apples
big bag tikka masala spice
5 bags of sweeties (fellas lunch box)
huge bag grapes
bag cherries
12 apricots
big bag carrots
big bag onions
6 carton drinks (fellas lunch box)
4 pink grapefruit

Think thats it :)

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