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Whats for tea tonight??


loves to eat

Am really looking forward to my tea today so thought Id share & see what everyone else is having??

I am on EE & am having steak with mushrooms, onions & tomato & a corn on the cob with potato wedges & salad. Might also have a couple of low sin sausages as well I have also made the onion cutney I found on here & am going to have a mcfluffy for pudding.

Yum :D
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were having SW chips :D mushy peas salad a muller lite for pudding and im gna treat my self to a freddo later :) happi days im on a green day btw
I am having steak and mushroom pie, SW chips (or baked new potatoes havent decided yet) and runner beans. Cant wait!!!!!


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i am making italian salad... consists of aubergine, peppers, garlic, wedges of potato and rosemary all cooked in oven!


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yummy to all of that! we're out tonight (seeing Frankie Boyle!) so i have no idea what i'll eat. maybe Nando's (again!!)
We are having a BBQ, so i will have new potatoes,salad,chicken,steak and quorn sausages.
For pudding im doing bananas with a flake in the middle and 0% greek yogurt:)
Just got to wait for my husband to get home to light it:)


is working hard.....
All sounds Yum!

Having big prawns with marie-rose sauce and a fresh fruit salad for pudding, got a skinny cow hot choc for bedtime and my HEXB will be my fibre plus bar.



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Hubbie is cooking - I'm on green so we're having chicken (HexB) cooked in a Schwartz Cajun shotz with onions & tinned tomatoes - makes it like a curry & all free!! Having it with rice - will be Uncle Ben's but haven't decided whether to have white or pilau.


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just polished off a traditional dish

Jacket pot.:) tuna sweetcorn and ex lght mayo(0.5syn), with salad,
mullerlight for pud.

think as i weighed my pot makes today a RED day for me going by my food diary

all your meals sounds delicious i can t see how anyone could get 'bored' with so much choice

xx Lyns xx
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Mmmmmm, chicken tikka masala with rice from the new SW curry book. Smells gorgeous and hopefully will also taste gorgeous - DH is sweating over a hot stove as I type!


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im on Green:
mash potato (without butter) but i have a little milk left over from my hex so using that. quorn sausage and peas and gravy-3 syns
then im having a yummy hot chocolate whilst watching my soaps - 2 syns :)


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I'm on green and its WI tonight, so when I get back I'm having wholemeal pitta bread stuffed with falafel and humous mixed with natural yogurt, and salad on the side. Can't wait! Not sure how many syns in the pitta, but its after WI so doesn't really count... ahem!
Im on EE just had chicken stirfry, marinaded chicken in garlic,salt,pepper,dried chilli,chinese 5 spice,light n dark soy sauce and a synned tablespoon of teriaki sauce. Stirfry was chinese leaves,spring onions red onion,red pepper & beansprouts
Im stuffed!


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I made the Potato and spring veg tortilla from the magazine. Very tasty, but I think I'd have it for lunch next time.
I'm a curryholic so having mushy pea and tinned tomato based curry with a few leftover baked beans and a chopped onion in it with long grain rice, I've made plenty so will probably have what's left over for lunch tomorrow:)

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