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What's going on with me??

I've been on LT for 10 weeks now... and the weight loss has started to peter out and get smaller and smaller as each week has gone by.

At my week 10 weigh-in last Sunday I had dropped another 2lb bringing me down to an astonishing 12st 2lb which means I've lost 3 stones since starting on 8 Aug.

The pharmacist and I have been discussing re-feeding and the options open to me (maintenance or other diets) to continue with the weight loss and I've opted to come off LT next week and do a week of refeeding and then just go for it with a low fat/low carb diet and see how I get on. My pharmacist has been nothing but supportive as has my daughter and work colleagues... so what the hell has happened this week?

On Monday I didn't have my late shake and instead ate some chicken, yesterday evening I skipped my late shake again and ate two slices of wholemeal bread and today I've had only 1 shake and have had a marmite sandwich instead. I fully expect to have not lost, or even gained, this week just because of the bread and lack of shakes and really am prepared for that.

What has me at a complete and utter loss is that on each and every occassion that I have eaten I have known exactly what I am doing, have had shakes and water available to me but have still chosen the food over the LT. Also, I started this week with probably the happiest outlook since the start of the diet... just because I have hit that magic 3 stone mark. I only 9lbs to go before I hit goal so why on earth am I doing this????

I was only 1 week away from re-feed and I'm completely and utterly confused by this sudden urge to eat because throughout the last 10 weeks I've actually had very few "blips".

Do I carry on for the rest of the week with the shakes and water and maybe try for another complete week of TFR or do I re-feed properly as planned next week and go from there?

Any advice would be gratefully received as to what to do now.
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Hi Caz, well done on getting on so well with your weight loss, no matter how hard this week is you have to remember everything that you've achieved up to now. I'm only on week 3 so my advice may not be worth much but I think that you should try to do tfr 100% for the rest of the week. Allowing yourself have the bread etc, or your brain telling you to eat it, is just the same as what's going to happen when you come off the diet and you need to learn (we all do!) to say no to that voice inside of us and stick to what we know we should be doing. It's very hard, I lost all my weight 3 years ago but straight away started to regain it because I allowed myself those little things too often. Discipline is what we need to get really good at and it's hard :( What has helped me in the past is planning exactly what I'm going to eat every day, I would plan for the week ahead but that may not be possible for everyone. If you have a plan made out that you know is healthy then you have complete control. You can plan the treats you are allowed and when you're having them and you can only buy teh food that you know you can eat(again maybe not possible for everyone). After a while of sticking to a strict plan you might find it easier to not listen to that voice inside!

I don't know if any of that made any sense to you, hope you find your way anyway, x
Hiya Caz.... Don't be down about it hun.. You have done really really well so far...

If it was me i would try and do tfr for the rest of the week, and depending on how it went, i would try next week tfr too, and then refeed the week after that.

Perhaps your brain and/or body is telling you that the time is right for you to refeed. I am sure you will lose (almost) the last 9lb within the next few weeks on refeed and/or maintenance.

If you try tfr and it gets too hard, make healthy choices and hopefully that will minimise any damage...

Hope that helps hun, and good luck with whatever you decide x x
Hi PlymouthCaz

I read a story once about how people who fall overboard ship or into deep water are able to tread water and keep their heads above water for hours, however when they see the rescue ship in sight they give treading and drown.
The point of my little story is that sometimes when the end is in sight we give up. Quite understandable in LT's case, it is a rigid diet.
Maybe TFR will be good for you, or a diet club where weight is monitored and you have the support of a group. Although all us here on this forum tick that box a million times. Great support on here :checkmark green::checkmark green::checkmark green::checkmark green::checkmark green:
Good luck!!

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