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Whats happened to your tummy? (bit gross sry)

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sorry if this is gross subject but i would really like to know what your tummys are like? dont have to answer me :eek:..

Well My tummy is an apron, still full of fat, looks like a bum if you get me? full of stretch marks (10 pound baby :() and my belly button is deformed, and scarred which i why i am getting it pierced again..

from my belly button down is where its horrible!!

i do have a pic of my belly button, i would how ever show my hole tummy, but dont want to gross you all out..

but if you show me yours i will show you mine?

anyway, i still have 30 pounds to go, so what will happen to my tummy then? :D
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After losing 49lbs and having a 9.8lb baby (not in that order!) my tummy looks really wrinkled and loose. Looks ok in clothes though.
Don't get me started on my boobs either... :p


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well this is me 15 weeks ago, overdue with Leah..
and now it is exactly the same except theres no baby in there now :(
i have ugly deep red stretchmarks and horrible orange peel skin :(



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Must do it this time
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I Really Like That "baby Ribbons" How Lovely!!!!


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I'd never actually seen the stretchmarks on my tummy from my daughter Ella, as i'd refused to look in the mirror. It's only now as i'm losing weight that I can actually see them if I look down.
TBH I really don't mind them, they're a reminder of a happy and exciting time whilst I was pregnant with her. And they will fade.


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Well guys....you're all gonna hate me. I didn't get one stretch mark with my daughter. Granted she wasn't nearly 10lbs:eek::eek:Owch! 8lb 3 which I personally found big enough...again Owch!!

I think its down to genetics. My mum hasn't got any stretch marks and she had five kids, yet my sister in law is full of them....and she's not had one child. She got them growing!

Someone on the Lipotrim forum mentioned The Universal Contour Wrap....apparently this is good for loose skin/stretch marks etc. Google it guys. xxx


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I have a lovely envelope on my tummy. I really don't mind it at the moment as the doctors told me that I wouldn't have any more babies and I went on to have twin boys who weighed in at 12lb 4 between them. Its my special baby carrier.

However ... how I will feel about it as Im shrinking Ive yet to see!



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My tummy is icky, but I have never had children.

Is it wrong that I am really looking forward to a big pregnant belly?
Mines rubbish as well, but I had a 9lber and was overweight for most of my life so I guess its a small price to pay to be as I am now.

I wouldnt be me without it x


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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I didn't get any stretch marks with my last pregnancy (H is now 9.5 months) but with my 11yr old I had loads, still got them but they have faded.

I'm less worried about them now. 2 years ago I was a size 10 and my tummy looked fab, hang in there girrls, we'll have great tummies soon enough if we all stick at this diet:)
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
Omg you look beautifull :)

i would love to post my belly see if anyone else has/had the same one ... lol . .. will anyone else?
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Mine is what I call Bagpuss, baggy and loose at the seams, there is a sort of pic of it in my gallery, albeit it covered by pants!

to be honest mine is bad, i have large apron of skin and can grab handfuls of skin, saying that at my heaviest i was 20stone 7lb and now am 8 stone lighter, have also had 6 full term pregnancies with two of them resulting in a 10lb 1 oz and 10lb 8.5oz babies.
Am in the process of seeing if i can have tummy tuck done, when i saw my doctor and he saw how much skin i had he was shocked as he said i didnt look like i had any (high fitting trousers and long tops lol)

Each person is different, i have several people who have lost 6-7 stone and have no excess skin, it depends on age, weight, yo yo dieting, pregnancies ect

cdc norwich

Lisa Marie

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Amethyst, my tummy sounds like yours I have a apron too. I have a huge overhang. I hoping to have a tummy tuck to get rid of mine. Sorry but I'm not brave enough to put my before pics on yet never mind a pic of my gross belly.


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I just took a pic of mine after reading this thread and OMG it's hideous. I've got a large overhang, very loose saggy skin, a huge lump where my hernia is, enough stretchmarks for it to be a road map of Britain and a great big whopping scar down the centre. I thought I'd be brave enough to post it, but no way, it's too embarassing
Love this thread. I have stretchmarks but they've faded (my youngest is 11).

My problem is above my belly button, cant seem to get rid of the fat there, I look quite deformed!!

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