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What's in your oven right now????

I have a joint of pork - smells yummy!!!

Just waiting to see if anyone can answer my syn question about ratatouille now or will have to re-think my accompaniments :)
Well In mine I have all my bakeware :8855:-
I rarely use the oven now(great big tempremental gas guzzling thing) -but I have just done roast lamb in a remoska and a home made yorkshire pudding in the other remoska -nomnomnom

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
SW KFC chicken!! Yum xxx


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Carole - not eating won't make you lose weight hun, just stick to plan, the 4lbs may just be fluid or dodgy scales, if you starve yourself your metabolism will be all over the place.

Back to topic though - sw chips ready to go with my steak and veggies. Yum x


Is a crunchy mama!
Right now I've got some peppers, courgettes and cherry tomatoes. A couple of fillets of salmon are going to join them in approximately 25 minutes :D


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I've just ate rowelto- I swear it might be my dad's concoction.... But, It's extra lean minced beef fried with garlic, onions and peppers (in mixed herbs, salt & pepper & frylight obv), then heated through with a tin of baked beans and rice. It's pretty damned filling and is yum, imho
SW minestrone soup recipe,
very filling,so filling in fact Im afraid I cant possibly lose weight eating stuff like this.
Very new to SW by the way.


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Pasta and pork meatballs in roast vegetable sauce, from the family feasts for a fiver cookbook... my first SW cookbook, I'm planning to work my way through the whole thing!!


feling good!
Mine was creamy garlic mushrooms on toast all for 4 syns(could be 1 if you dry fry the mushrooms) plus heB - yummy!

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