What's Makes Minimins A Good Place For You To Be?


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I'm sat browsing the site, as I usually do on an evening and just suddenly thought I would ask you guys this question.

For me, Minimins is a good place for me because-:

*Everyone is welcome.

* You can be at any stage of your weightloss journey-contemplating it, doing it, or have reached your goal.

* I can post about any issue and know that someone will reply pretty quickly.

* I know I amongst people who care about me, regardless of whether I have met them "in the flesh" or not.

* I know I will get sound and accurate information about any diet if I have a question. Someone will be qualified or know who to ask.


What Makes Minimins a good place for you????
It just feels like home to me.

Strange that when I started the diet I never thought I would meet a group of fruitcakes who were equally passionate about losing weight as I was.

I love having this site to come to so I can waffle on about the diet and losing weight for hours on end (or till my fngers hurt) and I don't feel like anyone who will read it will sit there rolling their eyes at me thinking can she not talk about something else for a change?

It's also great to have so many people who know so much about the diet so any questions anyone has get answered.

I also love that my cdc comes on the site and can read about my week so she can know whats going on with me. I'm not much of a talker really (honest) so with my previous cdc I never would have thought to tell her any of the things that have gone on apart from whether I'd managed to stick to the diet or not. so I think I get a lot of support on the site and in person purely through posting on here :)

It's also great that so many people understand what you're going through at any particular stage of the diet. you can think you're odd then find out you're certainly not alone with whatever you're feeling.
Minimins is a good place to be also because it is great for improving your self esteem.

Not only do you realise that you are not alone in your problems and behaviours but also you can share you own experiences, difficulties, successes and tips with others in order to support, encourage and help them also.

Dizzy x
You come on here and soon realise that you're not a 'bad' person or a 'weak' person but are just an ordinary person who is struggling with a weight problem.

I love 'walking the walk' with people who won't judge me harshly and who know how I feel.
Minimins is:
  • a community;
  • a family;
  • somewhere friends can meet up and chat about everything and anything;
  • a support network;
  • a lifeline;
  • a place to have a moan;
  • supportive and welcoming;
  • non-judgemental;
  • informative ..... and
  • FUN! :D
Good here, innit? :rolleyes: :)
Morning everyone...:D

It's great to see so many posts on this thread already. Thank you for that.:)

I'm sure there's loads more to come today and it's good to see how Minimins is "doing it" for us all.

Lacey....:) :) :)
Morning babes!

The thing that I love most about Minimins is that it's a positive place to be!

There's so much rage and anger and negativity in the world, both in real life and in cyber-space, that I feel very proud that members can come to Minimins and know that the site is closely monitored to ensure that things don't get out of hand if members disagree.

Of course, we can't please all of the people all of the time and there's bound to be things that happen which we can't prevent but at least the intention is there to preserve a little bit of sanity, good manners and civilised behaviour in a world that's gone bonkers!

And reading though the above posts, I found myself nodding sagely in agreement (lol) then burst out laughing at Cheb's afterthought - "ooh, and the arcade"!

Classic Minimins! I love it!!
Minimins is the only place 2 be 4 me !!

Minimins has been my lifeline, the place where i can come and not be judged or laughed at for the struggles i have with my weight and life.

A place where i can get honest oppinions and not sugar coated oppinions.

A safe haven where i can come and pour my heart out when i am having a really hard time and where i know people genuinely care and want to help u and want nothing from u in return !! (apart from friendship)

Somewhere where i can come and feel good that i have helped others when they are not in a good place.

A place where i laugh sometimes sooooo much i think i am going to wet myself
(dont worry i dont, not that old yet lol)

MiniMins is my home from home, the other addiction i have in my life that does not make me gain weight but helps me find my way to being a happier person !!
Isy, Roch :)

Thank you both for your posts guys. As always, honest and from the heart.....:D :D :D
It's a totally unjudgmental place to be where you can laugh or cry with friends who care!

It's a totally unjudgmental place to be where you can laugh or cry with friends who care!


Thanks Barb :)

I couldn't agree more and it's great to know you feel like that.

It's a place.....
to vent, to cry, to laugh, to discuss serious issues, to discuss ridiculous issues, to gain self-awareness, to face and fight your demons, to listen to others who are going through stuff too, to support one another, to have a joke, to gain insight, to learn about our relationships with food and why we are all in the same boat, a bolthole from the madness that is our world, a safe haven, a generally loving, kind and supportive place to come whenever you want and know that someone cares.
This place is somewhere I can be me!!!!! I don't have to be what is exected!! I came her and I was just me:), I didn't have to worry if someone reads my post or someone at work would find out and disagree, I can honestly say i'm FREE here:):) If i'm having a bad day I say and if I'm having a good day I don't stop saying:). For weeks I just read and read and even though I don't post as much as I really would like I can come here and feel part of a community that have accepted me for me!! Thank you mini and all the wonderful moderators who do a wonderful job to keep us encoraged and part of your bigger family, I for one am proud to be a member here!!!!
Minimins is a good place to be full stop. It's THE place for me because I can be myself and be sure I won't be judged by my words or actions, by people who have been there or done that sometime in their lives.

Whatever happens in my life, there's always people I can talk to who have experienced more than me, my separation from my ex, bringing up 2 beautiful kids alone, worrying about how I'm going to pay my bills, wondering whether I'm doing the right thing in trying out dating sites, family troubles, losing my weight on CD and worrying whether I'll manage to keep it off. I could go on and on about the amount of advice, love, goodwill, and smiles that everyone here has given me - please don't ever stop!:D :D :D