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what's not allowed

So I was out last night with a few of my friends telling them about me going onto Cambridge. Most of them have done Lipotrim and had some real horror stories.

So; am I going to be terribly emotional?
Do you have to change your toothpaste and mouthwash?
Are there mints that you can take to help with the breath?
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Toothpaste and mouthwash not a problem.

No mints but you can have sugar-free chewing gum and use a mouth spray.



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Chewing gum isn't recommended. Some people can have little 'cheats' without a problem, but for many people it can lead to cravings.

Try to keep it 'clean' if you can.

Toothpaste - fine :)
Mouthwash - fine :)
Goldspot - fine :)
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Try not to listen to 'horror stories' ... each experience on a VLCD is unique and for every bad story, there will be 10 good ones. You get the same thing about child-birth ... some women like to highlight the negatives don't they!
Don't be afraid of CD - I know the concept of not eating seems strange but just take things a day at a time and come online for support and encouragement. Soon, you'll a be veteran and the weight will be melting away.
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Been the emotional type myself I was worried,but after week one only one major cry when cooked kids spag bol!!So advice would be Don't cook!!!I have lost ten pounds in first week!No spag bol is that good!!

Deb G

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I'm LLing, but I am very evangelical about the whole experience. Its been great and easy. I only get bad breath when I haven't had much to drink for a while, then I use water or mouth spray. Not changed my toothpaste or anything. On LL we're not allowed sugar free gum as it often makes you feel hungrier and I think there is an issue with citric acid affecting ketosis.
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If i have a cup of coffee and used to have sugar will i need to use sweetners now?
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You can use tablet sweeteners, not the powdered ones though!

Thanks for that ill have to get myself some of them.:)
I have goldspot for stinky breath but you'll find when you drink your water you won't need it that much, as the others say people always fill you with bad stories, see how you go, everyone is different I'm sure you'll sail through xx
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Can i have Vegtable Boulon as a drink?


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Boulion is allowed...Thank god..lol
Just what you need now the real cold weathers on its way.
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I've had a few emotional moments but in a good way, saying goodbye to the person I was and embracing the new one emerging. Don't listent to negativity, say positive and do it for you!


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