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what's the best butter/spread value for syns?

Hi, I don't use any to be honest. If I have bread it is only ever as toast, then I'll have baked beans or a poached egg on toast.

What do you use it on? If it is for sandwiches, try making a syn free dip (with natural yogurt) or something to sog it down a bit. I prefer to save my syns for chocolate. Hehe. x
My consultant suggests using laughing cow light instead of marg/spread and you can count this as a healthy extra A choice. I sometimes use St Ivel Gold Extra light which works out quite low in syns.
I don't use any myself either but ....

Flora extra light is half a syn per teaspoon or 2.5 syns per 28g

Flora diet is half a syn per teaspoon or 3 syns per 28g

Flora Pro-Active extra light is the same as Flora Diet

Hope this helps!

Annette x
Whooooooooooo what a waste of syns......i dont have anything.......never ever have, Unless its on toast ;).........but i havent had toast for months and months.

Ruthy xxx


Full Member
Thanks for that Topper, I never thought of doing that. Heres me wasting 3 sins a day on a triny scraping of marge when I can have a thick layer of laughing cow light!

Roz x
Personally, I haven't used any low fat spread on my bread since I started. I've recently (this week) rediscovered Dairylea light! You can have 3 chunky triangles for 1 HEA. I had it on Ryvita (which I was dreading - I thought it might be like eating cardboard) and I sooooo enjoyed it! I'm going to try them on a red day with some ham on top too!

Annette x

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